Xbox needs to upload clips and screenshots to Xbox Live automatically and not make us wait when we go to them

Is anybody else irked by the whole system that handles screenshots and videos?

Its so slow and buggy. Everytime I want to share a clip or a picture you have to go through 3 different screens and worse whatever you want to share needs to be uploaded to xbox live instead of doing it from the local drive.

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Hmm, I think I usually upload to OneDrive and share from there through my phone. I like the sharing system a good deal after coming from PS4. I wonder if the addition of the share button to the new controllers will come with a more streamlined process?

Mine seem to go to the cloud automatically…

I have to go to them most of the time and manually upload if I want to share anywhere

That’s weird.

You can set it to automatically upload in Preferences - Capture & Share.

Mine works fine. If yours is buggy send in a report I guess. Sorry if that doesnt help.

The upload should be set by default to automatic, make sure it’s like that. If it still doesn’t work, it could be glitched, may want to contact support.

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It might also be possible that you’ve used up your Live cloud storage for captures, in which case you should delete some of your older captures (from Live, not necessarily from your console). You can archive them to OneDrive before you do that, if you want to keep them.

Unfortunately, I’ve reached my Live cloud storage limit for captures. I’ve been uploading them to my OneDrive account and syncing that to my NAS, but I want to ask just in case I’m missing something obvious: is there a way to nicely separate the captures in OneDrive by game, the way you can view them on the console?

As it is, here’s how they look in my OneDrive, all mixed together, based on when they were uploaded apparently:

I can live with this, but it’s not ideal and I’m not especially interested in manually separating 1500+ pictures :frowning:

Edit: following up on this two days later in case someone else has the same problem: It looks like the Gamer DVR service might have what I’m looking for. Unfortunately, it seems it’s not able to do screenshots since March or so. Still, assuming it comes back up, that should solve this handily. Here are a few screenshots of what it looks like right now: