Xbox Mobile Game Store Coming In July - Sarah Bond


Hopefully the FTC has the balls to make the Apple open things up in the US

Is this good or is this bad? Am confused to be honest.

A very good thing. Apple has a complete monopoly on not only what apps people can have on iPhone, but if they have their way, every transaction on the device.

Imagine if Microsoft tried to make Netflix give them 30% of all subscriptions made on windows. that’s what’s being broken down

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I really really hope they bring back the games they used to have on the Windows Phone. No joke great times. Also, I hope this means we can finally get Fallout Shelter out from being a China exclusive.

If it’s available on Android in the US, I’ll jump in.

It’s apparently web based so it can be used on any device.

Even Windows Phone?


It’s a good thing if you want to buy Candy Crush DLC without giving a cut to Apple or Google. So it’s a good thing for Microsoft.

I hope it includes better Game Pass and achievements integration.

Solitaire counts as the “play a GP game” reward and its achievements count towards the “unlock an achievement in GP” reward, while more important it unlocks the Premium sub features.

If they want to compete with Play Pass and Apple’s sub, it feels like a Game Pass mobile sub (that gets included in Ultimate, maybe to replace the Gold games we’ve lost or as part of a small price rise) would be the way to go for some users to avoid the predatory MTX of many games…

(Wordament in particular is a ridiculous monthly cost - I do like the game sometimes but I’d really want it to be on Game Pass as it wants almost as much for just it!)

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The idea of a cross platform store sounds good to me. That way you don’t have to worry if you decide you don’t want Android or get tired of Apple, you can still use your purchases.


Yeah I kind of wish they’d include premium versions of all the casual games to game pass.

And I’d love to see more achievements showing up in mobile games, I’d go back to playing them more. The windows phone achievements were one of the reasons I got into Xbox.



I do think there is potential in this space for MS to grab some market share, but it’s going to be a hard sell for sure, and not just for them, but for every store other than Play Store and App Store as most people probably won’t want to use anything than the default stores on either Android and iOS.

They’ll have to push the ecosystem angle and bring some perks to the equation with Gamepass. Don’t know why it’s not just a MS App Store and bring any other app, including the Office suite and bring in some incentives with 365 subs as well.

Maybe we’ll get Mobile Game Pass which is similar to Google Play Pass which is similar to Xbox Game Pass. :upside_down_face:


And 5$ a month Mobile Game Pass, or add it as an extra into Game Pass Ultimate as well. Or Game Pass Extreme or whatever they want to call it as the new tier. Could work for sure.

They need a big enough collection of games on there for people to want to spend money on there first and they also need to gain some traction. I wonder how they’ll advertise it.


I wonder if Edge on Xbox would even be able to use this store? As it has a limited memory allowance, similar to other none gaming apps in the store.