Xbox loves Strategy games for PC Gamepass: We'll see more to come

This Is the reason why i Always said that MS should buy Sega: Relic and Creative Assembly are the most important RTS developers around the world. PC gamers love RTS.


Bring back Age of Mythology !!!


This probably means the MOBA they are making .

Of course. They are working on AOMde right now. I expect a reveal during the next year (the 20th anniversary for AOM).

But we should consider also Rise of Nations.

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Someone bring back command and conquer pls

Microsoft is making a MOBA?

Maybe EA will develop a new game After the Aoe’s success.

Jez leaked that MS is making a MOBA on an existing franchise , or something similar . I dont remember his exact words .

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What if it’s a mascot MOBA

Nice, that would be awesome, but I do feel with a MOBA it will have to be F2P.

ofc . Doing pay to play would be suicide. But the market is saturated af so I dont think its going to succeed anyway .


Ngl I’d like to get into MOBAs but someone told me not to, they’re apparently too addictive. Maybe a light console oriented MOBA would be a good entry for me, going that’s what the rumored game is like.

Played MOBAs for 10 years . Barely got out 3 years ago . Dont do it .

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Time for Rise of Nations and Age of Mythology and Gears Tactics 2.

Also while they’re gunning for strategy games, get the new Marvel game by Firaxis on gamepass.


hmmm they should buy warhammer IP

From what I see, I think I will need to buy a good pc :frowning:

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Give me Halo Wars 3 you cowards


Halo Wars 3 will be an expansion for Halo Infinite, you’ll be able to build bases on the ring and send troops to fight the banished.

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