Xbox Live Sales - GreedFall $12.49, Quakecon Sale extended, Forza Horizon 3 Expansion Pass and more

No themed sales this week. Selection is thin. Might be lining up for thr Summer Sale (lol). Looks like the Quakecon sale is valid for another week.

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Bought Doom. Screw it.

2 versions for $50AU. Sure why not.

greedfall starts out rough, gets better, then finished with 100000 quests go here, do this. You need this key, well first prove your loyalty by doing all these missions.

Xbox 360:

Darksiders - $3.99 Far Cry Classic - $2.99 Mars War Logs - $1.99 Stacking - $2.99 Thunder Wolves - $2.49 Zombie Driver HD - $2.49

I think Greedfall may come to GamePass since it is a Focus Home published title, so I’m holding on that one.

I’m slowing down my purchases and focusing only on titles that we know are being optimezed for the Series X. Grabbed Doom Eternal last week, and I hope Control goes on sale before the new expansion drops at the end of the month!

GreedFall was great. I bought it day one for $60 and worth every penny. For $12.50, it’s a steal. Story and characters are real good. All the quests were great. The best aspect is using skills, talents and attributes. You can’t max out everything. Not even close and you do have to make decisions in how you build your character and teammates. Recommended especially for the price.

Still waiting for the We happy Few dlc sale…

I still haven’t played greed fall and I purchased it day one!

I seriously need to pull my finger out and get round too it.

I’m still annoyed at myself. For starting technomancer (was genuinely really enjoying it, and dropped it when mass effect andromeda came out) I was so hyped for andromeda and sadly couldn’t get into it, despite really trying.

And by that point I’d move on from technomancer.

Is it bad form to bump a dead thread? I wanted to ask a question about the current sales and I didn’t know if it was worse to clutter up the boards with a new thread.

The question: There’s a lot here that I want but I’m not sure if we’re due for another Microsoft Rewards sales punchcard or not. Can someone who has knowledge of the sales tell me if we’re expecting a big seasonal sale like we’ve seen previously? I realize that the new consoles are coming out soon and that might gum up the works a bit, plus things have been a bit weird and late this year.

Edit: I got too impulsive and took the plunge.

Incidentally, customer support implied to me that they’re going to do a winter spotlight as well.