Xbox Live may be working towards dropping the "Live" branding


In the latest dashboard, some options such as uploading screenshots no longer reference it as “Upload to Xbox Live” instead referring to it as the “Xbox network”

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Tom Warren:

Jez Corden:

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Seems deliberate to separate Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Live aka Xbox Network.


I’m ready for whatever changes they drop simply because I’m paid up for 2 1/2 more years.

I’m just happy there has been so much news as of late. Little QOL adjustments here and there.

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Xbox Live as a brand is iconic to me so i kinda want them to keep it as Xbox Live. I won’t lose sleep over it either way.


I still wonder what the reaction will be for Game Pass Ultimate users if they removed XBL Gold and everything surrounding it like GwG. Because removing XBL Gold would be removing value for Game Pass Ultimate but with recent addons to GP will that cover the missing extra value?

At the end of the day we’re paying for something that doesn’t really cost anything or have any actual value so it’s a whole net gain for everyone but I do wonder if the people on Game Pass Ultimate would complain they’re getting less ‘value’ after that move, for me I don’t really care and I’d be happy for people to be able to play for free on everything.

GwG is not going away soon at all. I think to cater to a new class of PS fans, they are probably bringing the terminology more closer to what the PS terminology.

This indicates that the F2P launch is near.

I think this is just detaching it from Xbox Live Gold so that the talking points from the media don’t have too much of an impact.

GwG is 100% gonna go away lol Game Pass is much more important, if gold goes they’re not going to keep games with gold. Game Pass caters to new PS fans + Xbox fans new and old, having games with gold AND Game Pass is just stupid. Isn’t gold the same price as Game Pass too? it would be stupid to have 2 services which eat into each other.

The only way they keep games with gold is if they just hand out free games which to be honest I would rather have them spend that money on more Game Pass games because let’s be honest the completely free games will be shit most of the time. We’re paying for the games now with gold and they’re mostly shit so it would get worse or stay the same.

If anything the worse and worse games with gold has become makes a really strong case they’re getting rid of it. When they do get rid of it people would be like oh well the games are shit anyway we’re not missing out on much. If they kept giving us big games then people would react more heavily and it would be a bigger impact if they remove it.

Well, if we refer to what Jez has heard, MS themselves may be hating Gold even more than the gamers. It is just about reaching a certain milestone with Game Pass, and Gold will disappear.

Well… there’s this now too, something is for sure up, he has always been Xbox Live’s Major Nelson and that’s not something you randomly just change on a whim lol.


What’s happening? Is Xbox doomed?

Yup they’re shutting down and turning into Xbox Network, the new social media platform for Microsoft.

or they finally heard people want more single player AAA games so they’re shutting down the networking capabilities of Xbox so you can’t go online, then all their games will be single player.

Pick your poison



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Good change for Larry. This would be big for him after 20 years. Anyway, I like the sound of “Xbox’s Major Nelson” better.

Xbox has always been a small ‘garage’ team earlier - few studios, Xbox Live team - including Larry, and some ops team. Most of the UI etc was outsourced.

Now, it is a pillar in Microsoft and will be growing fast.

Can’t wait to see how this plays out. The ideal time to get rid of gold was when they launched xCloud as they would be taking one thing away and adding another.

Now they really need to include something else for some people.

the day xbox live gold is gone i would expect Big GP Marketing plan on that day

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maybe they will replace gold with xcloud for ultimate.

remember xcloud haven’t launched yet it’s still in beta

we all know beta prices aren’t final msrp price of the service like GP PC Beta when it was $5

Expecting to hear more about this on Tuesday.

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If Games with Gold is being retired, maybe they could have something called ‘Golden Games’ as a perk of Gamepass Ultimate. It would be similar to GWG just rebranded. Maybe only 1 or 2 games a month from older generations.

Any insight or just speculation?

Nope, just speculation. But they are doing a ‘Future of Gaming’ for Xbox tomorrow apparently (no games being revealed/announced, so guessing it is tech related entirely). That leads me to think they will talk about expanding Game Pass to different devices (maybe announce TV partnerships, announce a streaming stick, name drop Orion, mention partnership with Starlink, give new Game Pass sub figure, talk up the Cloud/xCloud, shadow drop iOS launch of xCloud). Just guesses though.