Xbox Live - free to play paywall is going, going, gone!

Edited the subject line of the topic to reflect the status better.

Unfortunately I disagree with everything you said. In 3 years I can recall maybe one game I took from the monthly offers. And multiplayer should be free for ALL games. Lets also not forget even the f2p was forced onto them. So no, for me its not worth it.

However I’m glad you feel like its a bargain and enjoy the bargain bin games it provides. :slight_smile:

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For completeness here is a list on Wiki of the Games with Gold titles. So from 2018 onward you didn’t go for any of the following decent games?

Shadow Warrior
Super Hot
Forza Horizon 2
Never Alone
Gears of War 4
Forza Motorsport 6
Hitman Season 1
Batman TallTale Series
Batman Enemy Within series
Project Cars 2
Little Nightmares
Gears 5

Thanks mate for the creative title :+1:

Nope. I already had GoW4 and 5 when they were offered. With 5 of course only being offered at the time of the double price piss take fiasco. The rest are either ancient or meh. The one title I did take was the Isle Of Man TT, but even that I’ve only played once since.

I think its great that you defend the games they offer. I genuinely do. But for me its at the point where I even feel I’m wasting my time looking at what the current offerings are each month.

If you really do insist on some thing positive from me on this. Its actually the Gold discounts in the store. I’ve definitely saved some money with those. Another would be the fact that I got a very good deal transferring 36+months of Gold across to GP Ultimate. But even that, now we’re moving to free online for f2p stuff, I highly doubt I’ll renew…

To each their own. :slight_smile:

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