XBOX is very competitive in the AAA space

I feel this has not been getting enough credit.

Fable Hellblade 2 Forza Everwild Avowed Halo infinite

This is a very competitive AAA games line up!


Definitely. I think when it comes to Next Gen, MS and Sony have some amazing first party stuff up their sleeves, and it will really just come down to preference.

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Xbox easily has the best variety of 1st party games in the business. Unfortunately a subset of gamers only consider 3rd person cinematic games to “count” but eventually this experiences will grow stale and Xbox will be pumping on all cylinders.

I’m also really excited that Xbox is gonna be the RPG platform soon.


Which is complete fanboy nonsense. The skyrim like avowed is really exciting, judging by obsidian past the story and quests will actually be varried and interesting unlike other games on the horizon.


The issue is, through the Xbox One generation, Xbox simply didn’t produce 1st party games of the same caliber of Playstation’s best. The review numbers and general enthusaism from the gaming community can attest to that. Xbox had no first party games that could touch God of War, The Last of US Part II, Uncharted 4, and others from a sheer quality standpoint.

I’m really optimistic and confident in the future of Xbox 1st party, and Avowed, Fable, Everwild, and others have incredible promise, but I can understand why folks are skeptical right now.

I think their roster is amazing…but it’s still a lot of unknowns and sadly they probably have to show and prove quality now.

XBOX returning to RPGs is a great move, a great way to set them apart.

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MS games will be great in a couple of years. In the meantime, there are lots of last generation games I missed due to having a 1S. Also, MS needs to buy Asobo

Yep it’s a genre that gives a meaty and substantial gaming experience and my favorite genre, we’ve had some good ones this gen and Xbox will be the best place for RPGs next gen.

It is the reason that I moved over again. I can wait for most JRPG’s to eventually make it - many of them will if MS gives them a reason

Yea MS really needs to buy Asobo and Bloober


Yeah those people can harp all they want and act as if they speak for all gamers but that clearly doesn’t hold any water when so many XGS titles are massive successes on Xbox and PC. I think Xbox has a variety and diversity in offerings, and studios, that is unprecedented and Xbox players are in for an awesome future.


Agreed! I always forget Bloober when I keep making my dream acquisitions list, but they’re definitely up there with Asobo :slight_smile:


This is true to an extent but depends on how you define quality. I certainly think FH3 and FH4 and both Ori games are among the best of the gen (and are among the most acclaimed), they just get (unfarily) ignored in list wars due to not being a certain type of game. Still, on the whole though, Sony had the more successful gen under measurable factors (quantitative sales numbers and MC scores).

From what I have seen its not scepticism, its people flat out ignoring the AAA exclusives xbox has coming, along with trying to push a narrative that sony are focusing on AAA blockbusters and xbox are not.


I think they’ll get more credit once the games are actually shown. Announcements are great, but those alone aren’t enough to get people hyped.

They’ll get respect once those games are released, reviewed, and reveried. :slight_smile:

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LOL yeah that all too.

True, but obsidian, playground, ninja theory and rare working on next gen hardware is exciting. All these studio are very technically competent I dont doubt there games are going to look any less then stunning.

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It’s been silly though how this gen racing games and side scrollers suddenly dont count. Both Forza franchises completely dominated this gen as far as quality racers go and Ori set a new level of quality for that type of game. But some game types just dont count anymore for some reason.