Xbox is letting you Print out a paper Xbox Series X|S

ok bit of fun while we all wait for the new xbox x/s to be realised. xbox have just tweeted this link for you to cut out and stick together a full sixe xsx and s give you some idea of size. share your pictures once you have done

Xbox X/S cut out


How do we get it to print out full size? My printer just spits out a shrunken image to fit on letter size paper instead of keepig the image full sized and splitting it berween multiple sheets


i am not 100% sure i have not had chance to try it yet lol

Oh excellent and fun I already tried and made one XSX in paper now with all the right datas it will be more precise. Will trybit again nownand print it.


I was trying this out earlier and ran into the same issue.

Anybody got this working?

This is a nice and subtle jab. I dig it. lol

It’s very subtle but friendly. MS putting the system on display in stores is another one. :eyes:

Sony does not want their system to be seen next to any Xboxes before launch lest the internet does their thing.

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How is this a jab?

The series x print is a big boy. 30"x30" luckily we have a wide format printer here at work but I did feel a little guilty printing something with so much black ink for personal use.

Will it work on A4 paper?

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This was kind of a fun craft project. Thing is actually smaller than I thought seeing it in person.



Just doing the PS5 now.


Same as you I was just able to have a very small patron on a paper

That is what I’m wondering cause ot is what I have right now but the thing comes small on my A4 paper

Maybe check when you go to print if it’s set to “fit to page” or something like that. If it is, uncheck that or choose print full size if that’s an option. I’m assuming this is a pdf and I believe the default print option in Adobe acrobat reader is to shrink it. Not positive if you’re viewing in browser but the same sizing options should be available in print setup I think.

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I sort of gave up trying to get this to print.

So that motivated me to just get a large cardboard box and measure out fhe dimensions. Put it together (it came out a few centimeters bigger on every side so I guess I over compensated somewhere). Pretty cool and it’ll definitely fit nicely where im planning to put it.