Xbox has new hardware coming this holiday and have confirmed next gen hardware, Why are people flipping out?

So after the last couple of months I’m seeing debbie downers flip their shit all worried and concerned about their digital library going away because they think Xbox will discontinue console hardware.


What else can Xbox do to calm some of you freaks down? They have announced new hardware is coming this holiday, probably the digital Series X or something along those lines. In the same interview Sarah Bond said they are already ramping up for next gen hardware and it will be the biggest hardware leap ever.

So MS is obviously saying the right things to ease the people out who seemingly want to doom and gloom all the time.

I mean we are quickly coming to a place where MS says something and people flip out and react like they said the complete opposite then try and blame MS for bad messaging. IT is completely insane.

Let’s tale a real look at this situation

  • With MS committing to next gen hardware we are talking around 2040 before that gen is over is completely. 2040 people, I’ll be in my mid 60’s at the time. The world will probably be very different in 2040, you have plenty of time with the current gaming model even though it is changing.

  • MS is the ONLY platform holder that actually respects your purchases. They created a department and spent millions of dollars and many years to create the emulation layer used to bring BC and even majorly enhanced BC to all their consoles going forward. I have popped in 360 games I have not played in 10+ years and still have my save in the cloud for it and can play like I just left off of the game. Nintendo and Sony do not do that so WHY are you so concerned with MS and your library? MS is the only platform holder you should trust as far as long term game library goes they have proved it with actual effort and results.

  • THE WORLD IS CHANGING!!! I do not know if you noticed or not but when it comes to Media gaming is FAR behind other entertainment. Do you think people fight and war over which is the best blu ray player now? Are people flipping their shit due to Stores pulling physical media for music and movies? Not as much as gamers are flipping their shit over things that have not even happened yet.

Let’s be REAL here, physical media for ALL entertainment is dead, gaming is the next on that route, get over it and move on from physical, it’s never coming back and their is nothing you can do about it. PC gaming has been fine and thriving the last 20+ years with no physical game media.

Next up is Physical local hardware, Yes those days are numbered as in 15-20 years if not sooner, but it’s not going to be Xbox killing off hardware the industry as a whole is going to move on from it before MS kills anything related to hardware, MS is actually set up better then anyone to continue hardware even if it’s just as a niche high end experience. Xbox’s business model is now diverse enough to survive horrible hardware sales droughts, Sony would be dead in the water if their current hardware stopped selling, MS has already pivoted to be healthy without it and ironic as it is that means they can weather the storm and keep pumping out hardware for the niche audiences of the future.

So honestly beyond next gen in that 2040 year range you will probably have a choice to stream all the games you want at full fidelity without any form of local hardware. That is where the industry is heading and that is where your game library becomes safe. These platform holders will go from hardware providers to digital library providers, your games will be safe cause they will not depend on plastic discs which rot and break and will also not depend on local hardware which is also finite.

If all this sounds scary to you then I think you need to step back and take a long look at why you are a gamer and what your priorities are in gaming. Your games will always be there for you, your hardware should be there till around 2040 and by then you will have options to get rid of your hardware with no degradation to your games. If anything pooled resource cloud gaming could produce better looking and feeling games then any one piece of local hardware ever could. So the future could get pretty cool if people would just chill the fuck out and relax a little.

Some of you knuckle dragging luddites that refuse to move into the future kicking and screaming will just either have to go with the flow of the industry or find a new hobby, please stop bringing the rest of us down with your Doom and Gloom and negativity, gaming and Xbox has a very exciting future ahead.


I’m not afraid anymore they will get out of the console business. What Spencer said during the interview was enough to at least know they will have another console generation and something interesting (hype) words were used too. But I like hearing those hype words. I am disappointed they won’t do a mid gen, but alas.

I guess my only concern I guess is how far will they take the third party stuff, as in, how many more and especially how soon will they bring even more games to other platforms? That aspect I don’t care much for, I do care about the possibility that the third party support that is pretty good finally (especially Asian) might get worse if Xbox eventually drops all their games on other platforms day and date. But I digress here.

I guess there will always be people that doubt anything Xbox says, so them saying we will get a next gen Xbox is not enough for them, but that’s their decision to not believe it.


Jeez for someone who calls people drama queens (in essence if not literally), you really know how to make a scene…

This is the second thread you’ve created just to go on a screed against those you disagree with.

You’re raving about cloud but even Xbox are chilling on it a bit at the moment with no big capacity upgrades as the Azure data centres are expensive as hell and mostly taken up by corporate clients - so chill out yourself and accept yes that future will come but it’s not so immediate that we can ditch our consoles yet…

Not really going to bother with the rest of it as I actually have no issue with all digital etc. but I think your approach to discussions alienates others rather than encouraging debate


Monkey see, monkey do with this fandom. Anything Sony does MS MUST respond (but not the opposite).


Wonder if we are getting an all digital Series X to match PS5 Slim price, could really help with momentum as well as get an even lower price on sales. But then it brings it that much closer to Series S price, which would need a permanent price drop by at least 50$.

Unless MS was so secretive that they have a mid gen console. I actually wonder how feasible it would be to have Series X and S but simply upgraded with an AI processor for added upsampling capabilities, but selling at the same old price.

I would love that so much. That in the Xbox show they all of a sudden announce it. This would mean I can just stay where I want to stay the most, it being Xbox for all the games and just a PS5 (Pro) for its exclusives.

But yeah, not happening.

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I bet MS jump starts next gen early like 2026 or so, the PS5 pro would only be most powerful for a year or so like with what happened with the PS4pro and One X.

Either way their will be times where one is more powerful then the other. Its really not a big deal.


Make that more like two years, unless Xbox were to release next gen way earlier than holiday 2026. And we don’t even know if they indeed are going for 2026.

I guess it could even be three years or more. I guess Sony isn’t necessarily in a rush for next gen with their Pro, so perhaps 2028 is doable for them. I really would hate it if Xbox waited that long though. Phil during the ABK trial did imply 2027 or 2028 for next gen, right? I recall something like that. Plans change though.

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To me 2026 makes the most sense. 6 years for a console is plenty of timeand is in line or even longer than most people I know tend to keep their GPUs in their computers. 6 years for a 500$ device isn’t much honestly and keeps hardware at a higher fidelity level while being reasonable in terms of console lifespan with your consumers . There’s also no stopping cross gen to happen and keeping older consoles alive much longer for those that have them and don’t feel like upgrading. In the end it shouldn’t be about how many of your latest console you have sold but how many people are in your ecosystem. Xbox One customers who still buy games and play newer ones on the cloud through Game Pass Ultimate are just as valuable.

I also doubt Sony goes past 2027 as gens usually last no longer than 7 years. PS1 released in 1994 I think, PS2 in 2000, PS3 released in 2006, PS4 in 2013 and PS5 in 2020 (all from memory, could be wrong). So you really have 6 or 7 year gens so far.

Best case scenario for MS would be to release Xbox Series X2 in 2026 using higher end hardware that they think they could sell for 500$ in 2027 along with Sony, but at a loss in 2026 to make sure that they match what Sony will have in terms of power by the time they release, but get a 1 year head start while also not being behind in power for the rest of the gen.

Could even release at 600$ and then price match come PS6 release, early adopter tax. Then when Sony releases PS6, you also release a next gen Series S in portable form factor to go along with Series X 2 to boost your sled and momentum.

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Like I said before, some of the fans are so insecure that they want xbox to copy playstation’s strategy, when in reality it’s almost the opposite lol.

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Because xbox console warriors have reliesed that mother ship has left the war and no longer pursing things in the traditional way.

They wanted xbox to win console space and that Cleary isn’t going to happen.

Hence, the flip.

Yea if you were an Xbox fan because of some weird thing with wanting to own the most popular gaming platform you picked the wrong one.

Xbox has never been more popular never will, Xbox fans will NEVER get to one up Sony fans due to sales and popularity. Sony has breed several generations of loyal nutjobs that treat Sony like a charity.

What Xbox fans get is the biggest 1st party platform holder, the best service in gaming in gamepass since 2017 they have had the most powerful hardware, even if the PS5Pro comes out this year or next MS is going to leap frog it in power soon after.

If you look objectivity at each platform right now and what they offer and the value they offer why would anyone choose Sony? Sony is not selling better due to any material benefit of being in the Sony ecosystem but simply based on brand loyalty and the perception that “Sony” is the default option.

And to that I say fuck that, I do not care to be in a Sony club and miss out on everything Xbox has to offer and end up paying ALOT more to game on a sony platform.

so the best platform is by far Xbox but if you want to just go with the crowd and pick the “popular” option that is about the only reason to pick up a PS5. Sony’s 1st party is just about in as bad shape as Xbox’s was in the mid Xbox One gen. They have some serious problems going on at Sony right now.


Na the intent is to call out peoples unreasonable fears that is not based in anything real.

They are very clear on their plan but people just refuse to listen and pretend to be confused.

They literally said new hardware this year and next gen hardware is coming and some people still pretend that Xbox is leaving hardware.

Some of you cant be helped if your just going to ignore reality.

They keep saying a lot of things, history shows they often backtrack, also I’m waiting for reality coming for them after their lasts moves.

MS Gaming is a no-no for gamers, like any other sylicon valley giant-gaming.

Also “very clear”, seriously man? The whole recent communication fiasco was all about informations they didn’t intend to openly say leaking out and then they did a very disingenuous corporate speech which wasn’t cut and clear at all, come on.

I really do think you behave antagonistically to get a rise out of people - there are a number of people who do the same on the “anti-Xbox’s plans” side (to give it a rough name) but they don’t create whole threads just to do so.

I’m very much in the middle ground of the argument and yet I can’t help but notice you take a very pro-Xbox approach line but to a degree and with insults (“can’t be helped”, “ignore reality”) that border on trolling (as I’ve said, some on the other side do it too, but they’re more likely to get moved into the giant thread and don’t start new threads to start a new fight).

You can’t honestly expect everyone to have precisely the same faith as you - “they are very clear on their plan” for example is laughable, even some of their closest fans such as Jez and Klobrille aren’t sure precisely where we go from here.

Yes they’re dedicated to hardware, but they’ve not been clear on it:

  • We’ve no idea if they’re making any major improvements to the digital Series X (and whether it’s real)
  • Whether they’re coming out with a new controller with haptics etc. and how they plan to ensure it’s as well supported as the DualSense features given it’s coming mid-gen
  • Whether they really are doing a handheld, and whether it’s an Xbox or just a Windows SteamDeck clone
  • Whether they really are planning to go early next-gen (so 2026) and what the rationale for that is - in some regards, it might work well (early adopters might grab it while waiting for the PS6 to finally arrive) or it might bomb (few buy it before the PS6, which being a few years later in a CPU/GPU generation ahead and becomes the default development environment again making Xbox ports even harder)
  • Either way, going early next gen may annoy Series owners who feel our hardware hasn’t really been pushed yet and few of the first-party games unveiled look like they’ll do so

I know some of that might be “we can’t tell you yet” but given the current bad vibes around the consoles (the few fence-sitters I know were under the impression all Xbox games were going to PS5 for example - as the media went nuts with the story then never bothered to correct it after the podcast) then just hinting at hardware might not be enough, it might be time to actually be as open about it as they are about first-party games (and it’d be a good dividing line compared to Sony’s silence on everything).

They could also be clearer on what goes multi-platform (they didn’t really have set rules, and ABK non-CoD it’s better to set expectations now for both Xbox and non-Xbox gamers to avoid a backlash), whether Battle.Net will be closed in favour of Xbox/Steam PC stores and when we’re finally going to reach the “one major game a quarter” cadence they’ve promised for years (and I thought we’d finally reached at the end of last year, till we discovered all the 2024 games are May onwards meaning we’ve had a 6 month lull again).

I really want Xbox to do well so we get great content on Game Pass and I get to stay in my favourite ecosystem with the best controller layout - I’ve been a passionate Xbox fan since the early 360 days, and I do agree there’s often drama for no reason, but to be deliberately antagonistic when there’s clearly been some marketing and communication issues from Xbox (plus a few too many droughts in first party games, similar to what Sony is potentially going to experience later this year) seems to be asking for arguments


People can say what they want about Timdog, but when you lose people like him who was there from day one, apparently because he was openly lied to by Xbox people (shocker XD), it represents the disconnect between corporate machine and fans. They are chasing customers which don’t exist (like the one who play on Samsung Tv, lol), while casting away hardcores, because they are “warriors”, “old fashioned”, “closed-minded” and many other mean names which don’t represent reality.

This reads more like sillycon :rofl:

Look up where Seattle is.

In case you have not noticed the business model that created the warriors and fanboys is NOT working, everyone is doing mass layoffs and having difficult times with the old model.

EVERYONE at some point will be putting games on all platforms, again MS is just way ahead of the curve on that. The old world gaming model would just be the near end of actual gaming if you guys had your way.

Companies are pivoting to put games in more places on more devices, that is a good thing, but some of you nutty gatekeepers seem to have a real problem with it. Thing is your views will need to be the ones that change over time, we are not going back to the 360/PS3 era. Nothing is going to bring that back.

If you want your favorite platform holder to REALLY die off then just keep wishing for things to stay the same and for them to always do the same things.

Some stark reality for some of you but these things are going to happen no matter how much you complain on the internet abut it

  1. Physical discs are dead
  2. Exclusives to a single platform are going to be VERY rare, all platform holders will experiment with putting games on other platforms
  3. Local console hardware is going to shift to being a smaller niche base in gaming while the real growth will be in mobile and streaming and PC

If you don’t like these things then find a new hobby cause their is nothing you can do to stop this and the alternative is watching the entire industry die off trying to use a 40 + year old business model in a new world.

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Timdog openly lied to, I think it’s just insanity on his part at this point. Who lied to who exactly as I’m an Xbox customer since the OG Xbox and don’t feel I have been lied to, and as important he tries to make himself be, I doubt he has a direct line to Phil where he tells him what’s going. At this point those fanatics are just that, nothing more, nothing less and I don’t take them as serious or to have any impact on Xbox’s business.


I don’t think they can announce stuff too early as they don’t want to play their hand like that and have the competition be able to react accordingly. I have a feeling that next XBox will be more of an iteration on the current systems than a next gen system, in the sense that compatibility will be kept and it won’t feel like a brand new product, kind of like the release of Series S and X. I think MS has wanted to make that their approach in order to keep the userbase as big as possible considering their lower console sales and the fact that Gamepass needs that massive amount of users. So I think we are getting a next gen Xbox, possibly in 2026, but it’ll feel like a Pro console just like the Series X felt like a more Pro Xbox One X as well, at least initially.

I think console manufacturers would be stupid to kill their older consoles fast considering the current market conditions and I would expect crossgen to be the norm for pretty much everyone this time around.

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