Xbox has made 825,000 carbon neutral Xbox One X consoles (A goal that was set September 2019)

Edit. @tomwarren tweet for clarification


That’s confidence…

One will be mine

825,000 seems like enough for everyone who wants one at launch to get one without having to refresh retailers preorder pages endlessly.

This isn’t a total number of consoles.

This is just how many carbon neutral consoles they’ve made as part of a pilot program.

This is also just the carbon neutral production, there might be more produced non-neutrally

This number also is almost definitely from before July, since the information is contained in the 113 page sustainability-report detailing achievements from the previous fiscal year. So this makes it hard to say for sure if each console they are turning out is certified, or just some. But they’ve almost definitely made more than this total. Given that the One X sold 1 million in… 10 days? I forget. I suspect they intend to have several million available this year.

Supply Chain Integrity | Microsoft CSR

Definitely several million by the end of this year. I wonder whether it could be a higher amount than normal since the Series S APU will be tiny, so Microsoft should be able to churn out significantly more than what would typically be expected for a new console launch with cutting edge hardware.

I sure as hell hope its more. I’m continuing on it being easy to get a Series X with the lack of any AAA titles at launch. I don’t need them with BC, but I just cannot play my crappy 1S anymore.

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Windows central had an article on their goal to make 825k carbon neutral consoles last year

This was just them meeting that goal, very likely they had a nine of additional consoles produced.

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Edited the title and OP for accuracy.

Microsoft did a terrible job communicating this lol

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Not really surprising considering the last few months, is it???


No way! Soo out of character.


Like…not only did they use a picture of the Series X so you immediately assume they’re referring to the Series X, they also didn’t make it clear (enough) that it was 825K of the carbon neutral models only.

Like holy shit it’s not that hard to communicate basic English to people man.

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I agree. All they had to do was replace the Series X photo with an Xbox One X photo and state it in the article and well, done. Whatever the reason(s), Microsoft is just bad as messaging and marketing. I have no idea why.