Xbox has an expectations problem and it’s self inflicted

*If you’re a “fanboy” please ignore this thread. This is for healthy discussion and opinions without flame.

Dec - Let’s begin with the most obvious claim to be untrue at the start of this generation - most powerful console. This hasn’t been the case, in fact it’s the opposite at the moment. We can say about Dev time/Tools, or blame “Lazy Devs”. I feel we will come back to this topic at a later date.

May - Inside Xbox - Greenberg said to expect gameplay. Turned out to just be trailers. 2 days for damage control reply.

July - Xbox Games Showcase - CGI. Not much stuff stood out as next gen. Worst of all was Halo. It became a meme and this event in general put people off. It put me off too at first, but some awesome looking future games too.

December - it rolls back around fast. Now, I see a lot of people on different forums, etc saying “Xbox has games, just wait for TGA premieres”.

Well, today Greenberg has finally done something he should have done 2-3 times - said have your expectations low.

So, then, why was Xbox media campaign so flawed? Getting people excited and ultimately self inflicting bad reports, and upset gamers in the process, and will they be able to keep expectations at the right level from this point on?


What are you hoping to get out of this discussion? Will having this discussion yet again, this time in it’s own thread, actually produce anything meaningful? Is this just a venting thread so everyone can feel cathartic after they reply?


I’ve been saying it for a while, Xbox’s biggest problem is communications/marketing/PR, however you want to call it. It’s been better these past couple months imo (except the lack of Series S|X marketing), at least Aaron/Phil/Matt haven’t been contradicting each other recently. They will have 23 studios, 35-40 ongoing projects, and we still haven’t seen much. I have to assume it will come in the future, but it’s a been a couple years of waiting and I understand why some people are jumping ship.

Series X is definitely the most powerful console, imo it’s not even close. But (I know, I know), RDNA2 is new, toolset is new, dev kits came late, etc. I will start judging once next gen really starts and 8th gen consoles are left behind. I assume that will be late 2021 or 2022.

I’m personally VERY impressed with Series X already, quick resume is a game changer, loading times have been almost inexistant, 1st party games like Horizon 4 and Gears 5 run like a dream and look absolutely amazing. I can’t imagine what games like Horizon 5, Gears 6, Hellbalde 2, Fable, Avowed, etc. will look like, taking full advantage of those sweet RDNA2 features, Unreal 5, etc.

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I agree that there have been some marketing mishaps. But I would also state that overall their marketing plan likely hinged on a pre-covid timeline.

I feel like one thing that needs to be stressed is how much COVID-19 is impacting development with brand new cutting edge technology. There needs to be a lot of in-person collaboration discussing new learnings and new approaches. You can get some of software development done remotely, but R&D needs a lot of collaboration.

So in regards to that aspect, it just is what it is.


Yep not to mention tons of titles got delayed halo was a year and half basically cyberpunk2077 was delayed 3 times heard nothing on dying light 2 so many examples of how badly gaming was affected


The only thing I really want from them is just more gameplay during shows.

Gameplay footage brings the hype for me, the excitement. This is one thing that Sony has been knocking out of the park since PS4 basically. And Xbox of and on. They had great moments with Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 4 and 5 and Halo Infinite this year of course. The footage may have been a let down, but it was the right format.

They have so many new studios, so much they can show off, and it shouldn’t be mostly CGI trailers. Truly the only thing I want to see them changing a lot in. I have faith they will.

I haven’t seen a single person saying to wait for the TGA.

Much on the contrary. The expectations were always low for the TGA, and it is a consensus to not expect anything great until the end of 2021.

Edit: Btw, “expectations” is always a problem inflicted by who is expecting – in this case, the userbase expecting unreal stuff. Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Bethesda. The acquisition will only be complete in 2021. And yet people are expecting to see Starfield stuff with the Xbox logo in the TGA.

The Greenberg’s tweet from today was made because people were expecting a Forza Horizon 5 announcement because Playground has tweeted to say tuned to the TGA in response to a Cyberpunk vehicle tweet.

Is Xbox really the one to blame?

I’m not saying the Microsoft campaign was flawless. But yeah, what can be done if people are expecting Microsoft to announce a major acquisition anytime now?


Not being pedantic OP. But I still believe it is the most powerful console. I honestly just see it as under performing at this early stage. Maybe a poor analogy. But I think of it as a Ferrari that should be doing 210mph but is currently only doing 170mph due to it needing some improved engine management. I had been gaming on a PC for many years up to the x1x. And I can count numerous times when a new gpu would be underperforming due to drivers for example and or if the game was optimised for AMD or Nvidia…


Looking at Series X enhanced 1st party games though, it runs Gears 5 and Forza Horizon 4 pretty much flawlessly at 4k/60 with all the PC Ultra graphs and bells and whistles (and possibly more). Barely any loading times also. That’s pretty impressive to me.


Am I the only person who actually liked and enjoyed the July Showcase?


Fable :heart: and the gorgeous Everwild trailer!


Yeah, even there though I do think it can go further. FH4 for example could be running even higher settings and still achieve the 4k 60. Or at least my PC a few years ago could. But yeah your point that 170mph in a Ferrari is still impressive is exactly how I feel. Especially at this early stage. But yeah MS need to and no doubt will go further still.

Most of the problems are expectations built up to ridiculous levels online. MS acquire Bethesda one of the biggest deals in the history of gaming and a few days after people are already talking about more buys. Xbox show a load of new game teases and a few days later people aren’t happy and want more.

The Series X for me is the best console I’ve ever owned the smoothest launch and the best time I can remember gaming. Why not just enjoy it rather than constantly fretting about stuff like this? I don’t mind a good debate about it but I can’t help but feel some are missing out on just enjoying their gaming.

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Xbox has set expectations accordingly for gamescom, for launch and now for game awards.

This “problem” is because games are not ready YET and as long as this is still a fact don’t expect gameplay.

I assure you the moment Xbox is ready to show games they will. Do you want another Halo Infinite gameplay? Cause that’s how unedited gameplay during development looks like.

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Yep I remember it being slammed on hard and yet I far preferred the vision of whats coming to what Sony showed. It was a strange mass reaction to me. But hey choice is a good thing. And to each their own. I just dont think MS deserved the mass negative reaction. I was literally scratching my head to it all.


I thought it was great, had exactly what I wanted and expected, minus Hellblade II. Then I got online and saw that everyone hated it for some reason. I was honestly shocked by that, there were so many interesting games announced! I even thought Halo: Infinite looked good graphically but then was surprised to see everyone think the opposite.

There are dozens of us! :wink:

The only complaint I found valid was the graphics of the Halo Infinite, but even then people tended to ignore what looked like awesome gameplay, big world and all the good things about it.

I don’t understand the “gameplay trailers or gtfo”-mentality either. When games are revealed and not close to finished CGI is great. It builds hype, gives a look at the vision and tone etc. I don’t see the problem. My most hyped game from the show is Avowed… that trailer was great. smh

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Exactly. Imagine what have happened without all the CGI trailer lol

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What’s the real point of this thread? This has all been discussed extensively. Additionally, you say you want discussion, but just start the post to vent and then peace out. Discussion requires interacting with those who disagree with you, whereas this just seems like venting and posting your opinions as if they are facts.


I rewatch the Avowed and Fable trailers an unhealthy amount. Honestly, I feel the same about the showcase I do about Sony’s, if you are part of the converted there is a ton to love, if you’re not part of the ecosystem or are long-lapsed it may not mean the same to you.

Like, I recognize the PS5 showcase was better having played through games like Spider-Man, Gt Sport and Horizon, but as someone who fell off the PlayStation train in 2013, showing me Horizon or Miles didn’t mean a ton since I hadn’t played the first at the time. Meanwhile, I was going insane the second Matt Booty namedropped Eora since I love the lore or saw PlayGround was indeed doing Fable, but if you aren’t at least partially aware of POE’s lore or haven’t touched Fable and/or Forza Horizon that may not mean a ton.

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