Xbox had a great week so The new agenda is against Xbox Series S

On the other hand Robert Bowling says the following:

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Im so tired of the negativity all around over the 3 boxes (PS5, Xbox X and S) when nobody has actually seen stuff running on these consoles since they arent out. This gen developers built games for xbox one og/x/s, PS4/Pro, Switch and a dozen of PC builds and its a problem? What a bunch of nonsense.

On the Microsoft side I find it hard to believe that Microsoft would build a console that doesn’t work. This leadership has delivered with the One S and X.


They have not worked on the hardware.

Billykahn says less ram “will” be a major issue, not is a major issue. So basically comments like this are meaningless, its speculation on there part.


Its best not to expose yourself to the negetivity and spread it. Focus on the positives.

I mean, if I remember correctly some ID guy complained about the same thing in the current gen, about differences on One X and S, something like that. Looks like Id has a beef with MS. Guy didnt even put the hands on the hw and it is already complaining, because he will need to deal with something he didn’t like on the console. Hello, this is real life! Better shut up and do their job, because we costumers are getting tired of devs and publisher BS milking us money and dropping half baked and broken games because of lame excuses like this. Speak less, do more.

Isn’t the split memory not similar to the Series X? I’ve read that the slower RAM is fully reserved for OS. If that is true, this may mean that the id tech engineer doesn’t have the console on hand yet as he should know this if he does have it on hand.


I’m just imagining Android app developers looking at these conversations and laughing

As someone who has been excited for Series S since some of the earliest rumors of it and saw how every news article discussing it turned out, or how takes about it in the speculative period of next gen were, it doesn’t really feel like a new agenda to me. It’s gonna be talked about like this by certain folks up until the gen actually gets started and a lot of stuff end up not being the end all be all. That said like always much like everyone else, devs can be huge tech heads, power enthusiasts and biased in specific ways. This is a scenario where like always the most vocal are gonna be the “haters” of a thing.

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Yup. Another graphics programmer already corrected him. >.>

This seems very strange to me since iirc XSX’s dev kit literally has an XSS mode. Might be wrong but pretty sure I heard that somewhere. So are these devs just literally not even using the dev kits or something? I know for sure the one guy throwing a tantrum on twitter (Dan Weiss) doesn’t have any Xbox dev kits and has no experience working on them at all. I’ve been talking to him on twitter and he seems notably calmer atm from his tirade and seems to agree it is a good machine for 1080p.

I legit think that somehow these devs might genuinely not know this is a 1080p machine. I dunno how that could be the case.

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Dumb, they precisely scaled the series s to handle next gen games at 1440p. That means the memory and memory bandwidth ate lowered to scale to that resolution.

Just because they are devs doesn’t mean they are technically inclined.

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Some of them are VERY technically inclined.

I mean, worst case scenario, can they not just scale down to 1080p on Series S? 1440p tvs are rare and I believe MS said up to 1440p and up to 120fps.

Granted, I don’t think this is a narrative so to speak any more than the issues raised about the PS5 are a narrative, but they will be spun into them.

Either way, I find the Series S bashing fucking pathetic. MS is doing so much to eliminate the barriers and dumbass console warriors want nothing more than to raise them again to feel special. We will probably never have a unified ecosystem, but Nintendo has the Switch Lite, MS has the Series S. Sony could have benefitted from doing the same. Hell, it would have won me over unequivically whereas now the PS5 disc system has to come in at $650 or less Canadian to justify my purchase, and that is in large part thanks to MS undercutting my expected price for them by $100. I don’t think the DE will cut it in terms of price.

1440p native tv’s are not a thing but its a resolution 4k tv’s or monitors can hit.

These guys work on the devkits?

Why they don’t complain about PS5 not having these features below

VRS? Why no answer M. Cerny? Intersection engine where is it?

Sampler Feedback Streaming Ă—2.5 absence which made it far worse for PS5 then.

What about full RDNA 2 Navi2x IPC gain?

Where is Mesh Shader efficiency? Why only primitive shaders?

What? Repeat? SSD SSD SSD SSD? That is your answer? Oof lol

Why not a peep about all these things on PS5? Until we see the proofs of their existence inside PS5, there is none of it, so go complain to Sony 1st whose console seems less features rich and less balanced than Xbox SS & SX. Where is the PS5 teardown? Why you hide?Something’s wrong?

Really MS needs to pressure on DF face offs to keep doing it as much as needed on all games it will shut up some idiots…To taste your own medicine as they say…


Atm it seems to be some level designer working on CoD (not graphics programmer), a gameplay programmer working on some random low budget current gen game (who has zero experience working on XSS/XSX), and some bonafide id Software graphics programmers worried about RAM amount who got a pretty basic fact about the RAM structure wrong. :confused:

Always identify who talks to see if it is credible or not and here as you see it is not. No substance to their claims. False concerns…

Keep the same energy for PS5 then because you are not ready…

I agree with the sentiment that it’s kind of silly to say the box will be hard to work with because we see this work go into PCs all the time. I dont think this needs a thread because it seems to be already turning into opinion bashing and console wars.