Xbox glich

i sold a xbox recently to a friend. he reset the console but i get kicked off everytime he plays a game. i went onto microsofts website and they had the xbox as mine still. i took it off but it comes back. i try to contact microsoft but they dont help me/hang up on me i dont know what to do and if anyone can hrlp i would appreciate it. thanks


Tagging BRiT for help, but have you tried setting your current Xbox as your home Xbox?

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Perform a full console reset on the old console and do not login to it with your gamertag, ever. Likely you had auto-signin associated to your gamertag or to a controller setup on that console.

Select Reset and remove everything from the steps below

If you’re ready to reset your console to the factory default settings, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
  2. Select Profile & system > Settings > System > Console info.
  3. Select Reset console.
  4. On the Reset your console? screen, you’ll see three options:
  • Reset and remove everything. This option resets the console to factory settings. All user data, including accounts, saved games, settings, home Xbox associations, and all games and apps will be deleted. Use this option when selling or gifting the console, or as a last resort in some troubleshooting cases.
  • Reset and keep my games & apps. Use this option as your primary choice when troubleshooting. It resets the OS and deletes all potentially corrupted data without deleting your games or apps. In some cases, if a corrupt game file is causing the issue you’re troubleshooting, you may have to choose Reset and remove everything, but you should always start with Reset and keep my games & apps.
  • Cancel. To back out of this screen, simply select the Cancel button. No action has been taken at this point. This is a safe exit from this screen.

After you select one of the options, your Xbox console begins the process of erasing the selected content and resetting itself to the default settings.

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