Xbox Gift Cards - XSX|S Pre-Order

Hey guys, first of all congrats to all the people who were able to secure an X or S!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to. First of all, I spent a lot of MS Rewards on Xbox Gift Cards this week. So I was in the MS Store at 11 EST sharp, I was able to add a Series X to my cart. When I finally reached the order form, I could NOT use 2 different payment methods. I had to choose between my balance ($85) or Credit Card on my account.

Obviously $85 is not enough, so I was forced to use a Credit Card, making my gift cards useless. Then I started getting all sorts of weird errors (invalid address, which makes no sense) and I eventually quit trying.

Anyone had the same issue with gift cards? I opened a ticket with the MS Rewards support, trying to get a refund or a confirmation I’ll actually be able to use that balance…

Sorry to hear that, from what I heard the MS store was experiencing all kinds of issues today so could be that and nothing to do with your preferred payment method?

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I used 328 in store credit (previously redeemed xbox gift cards) and 201 or something on my credit card (with tax) there earlier, but that was after I had to add another credit card because it decided it didn’t like my one I had on file (that I had used for another purchase from their online store earlier today). Also told me I couldn’t get a console in my country until it finally decided I could.

They definitely were having some issues. Hopefully they can straighten out your payments though, I’ve had good experiences with their support.

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I redeemed $300 worth of gift cards with Microsoft Rewards and it worked fine for my Xbox Series X pre-order. Since $300 isn’t enough to cover the entire cost, it first used the gift card money and then the rest was paid by my credit card. So I’m not really sure what went wrong, because it worked perfectly fine for my pre-order.

Microsoft Support is pretty good though, from my experiences with them. Hopefully they can sort this out because this is a very unfortunate problem.


Exactly why I decided to wait until things cool down.

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That’s weird. I didn’t use any gift cards but I did use $11.?? that was left on my Microsoft account and the rest via my Debit Card. I received the order confirmation and email. Worse case scenario, do what im doing with my $700+ in GameStop credit, use it towards games.

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Well quick update, as the day went on, every time I refreshed or Edited my cart I was getting a bit further in the process. It finally recognized my address properly, and was finally able to see the $85 off from my MS balance. Everything looked good, Place order button was green, but error message when I click it. I assume it’s because it’s sold out.

I guess I’ll just wait for the next batch!

I have $280 on Xbox credit that I was trying to use in order to purchase the Xbox Series X, but nope. I ended up getting stuck with errors, so I just skipped using credit and just did the full purchase to get it to go through. Kind of sucks, but it’s all good.

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Yeah, couple hours later it seems the website was back to normal and it was finally applying the $85 to the total, but it was sold out so… next time I guess lol

Be careful with those MS Rewards gift cards, they expire after 90 days. You may want to keep trying to pre-order (next month is it?) and then cancel the CC one.

Yeah, they’ll expire around December 20th. I assume I should be able to get one before that…