Xbox Game Studios |OT8| Leaving The Drought Behind And Heading For Starfield

I become physically unable to hold off my excitement and hype for this game whenever I see something from it. God the coming 10 months are gonna be long. This is a “dream” game for me, and I’m sure many as well.


I just hope Redfall is great, holds true to Arkane’s systemic design, and is designed well for a proper single-player experience as well as co-op.


same, can’t to see or hear any little or big details

Man Bethesda will probably rule current gen by the end of 2022 huh. Deathloop 2021. Ghostwire, Redfall, Starfield in 2022. All current-gen only. And if all are as quality as they are expected, Bethesda will easily be the best publisher of current-gen games. I actually admire and respect that they skipped the cross-gen period altogether.


Well one things for sure, if this game does have issues, complaints about “biomes” wont be one of them

I was a little disappointed with the reveal because going in I was expecting another game similar to what Arkane is known

But after watching the Prey documentary today, I just cant see them pumping out some generic Borderlands clone, whatever it is they will be adding Arkane’s brand of uniqueness


Yeah, I expect excitement levels to reach that of Fallout 4 at E3 back then. One of my favourite moments to be honest, the gameplay deep dive and then the release date that had not leaked yet by then.

For me BGS has not made a bad game yet, I don’t see Fallout 76 as their game and even that game turned into something decent enough. Fallout 4 was great despite its shortcomings, it missed some stuff and it seems Starfield might bring that back and/or improve significantly on it.

Is that the noclip documentary? I been meaning to watch those. I’ll make sure to do that soon now.

Yeah it was super interesting

BGS have not missed one time in my book. Fallout 76 doesn’t count as BGS game in my opinion because it wasn’t the main team’s effort, also it was a cash grab and an attempt for a recurring money maker to fund their bigger “prestige” games, Starfield, TES6, DOOM, Wolfenstein, etc, that are expensive, single player and don’t have monetization in them.

I hope now with MS they don’t feel the need to do that anymore. And if they want multiplayer just add GOOD PvP multiplayer in Wolfenstein and Doom or Quake man, don’t miss on that again please.


Its been like 4 years since launch so Id like it if people would stop downplaying 76 so much. Its a great game in its own right at the moment with a lot of content and great community.

It was a BGS game and it launched terrible, they listened to feedback and turned it around and its one of the most played game pass games.


You like Ubisoft games, Javier.


Yeah and whats the point? Asassins Creed and Siege are trash?

XGS winning left and right!


I love Assassin’s Creed, I secretly prefer the recent rebooted trilogy, but that opinion gets you a bounty on your head online :phil_lmao:

Siege, however, is trash tbh. For Honor remains the best Ubisoft multiplayer game :mhm:

so great :slight_smile:

As they should. Unreal year.

@javycane sorry I had to take your post for the second part of the OT

Hope most enjoy the new look

Happy New Year!


New thread eh

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Someone mentioned it a few days ago, Obsidian has never had the time and money to blow out every aspect of one of their games like they do with Avowed. I and a few other folks here won’t be, but I’m expecting most people to be absolutely shocked at what this game ends up being.


It would be so interesting to see how racing game engineers and designers could influence an RPG. I know they hired many RPG/Open World/Action game developers and all but the Fable team still has people that worked on Forza and other racing games. I think Fable will be interesting for sure, and not just a well made general action adventure RPG. Certainly the navigation and traversal should be awesome.