Xbox Game Studios |OT7| Killer News Here!?

@Ruthwik_Rao would know


Just looks like an animation thing based on a quick search

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As the name suggests, blend shapes are for storing deformation information between two states on the same object. As long as both the states have the same amount of vertices, you can do all sorts of cool blending animation between.

These points/states of the object are called “keys”, same concept as animation where there are “keyframes”. So imagine there’s an arm and one key is for resting straight down and the other where the arm is flexed tight. Blend shapes would help create and store the deformation that happens when the arm flexes, how the muscles accentuate, etc things which are hard or pretty much useless to do using rigging. You can combine multiple blend shapes to get more complex and granular results. Think subtle facial expression changes, they’re used there too.

So to answer your last question, it doesn’t tell us anything what they’re working on cuz blend shapes are used everywhere lol.


Mvp comment LMBOOOOO


That’s two big Xbox studios games that can’t get Quick Resume to work for me. In Forza things just don’t register sometimes unless you do a restart of game. You also won’t know it’s happening. In Halo it just doesn’t work unless I restart. Comes up with an error that it can’t connect.

I love QR but this isn’t good enough.


-“What I’ve heard is Vonnegut is Shadowrun-related. I’ve heard the rights to Shadowrun are alilttle tricky with the board game being owned by Topps. But in 2017, Microsoft renewed the rights to the videogame-related side of Shadowrun. That doesn’t mean they could move forward without Topps’ approval. But also, Topps seems to be moving forward with a movie of Shadowrun. Hoping the movie will help to sell cards. And they went to Microsoft to see if they can get a game at the same time. That’s alittle second-hand speculation, but it makes sense with what I’ve heard.”


That’s unfortunate. I didn’t encounter these problems. In Halo if goes offline with QR but comes back online in a bit for me. Will experiment more and see.

Really hoping the Shadowrun game is true and more in line with the Super Nintendo version. That would be awesome!!

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You know, with Phil recently basically saying “You want to play TES VI?” You’ll need Game Pass. It still surprises me he said this, this early, just didn’t expect that. It was understandable he couldn’t say this last year but he really can now and he sure does it.

And I think it will be the same for Indiana Jones, even though he has not said anything about that yet. But the fact that only Xbox has been tweeting about that news when Bethesda wasn’t under Xbox yet says a lot.

Exactly what I want to see. This studio continuing what they do best, immersive sims.

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gotta rip the band aid off now


Reading about Shadowrun and yea, amazing concept.

i really hope they will manage to pull this off and make a game with a great single player campaign , good story satisfying gameplay and wont go overboard with the amount of jokes , i dont want this game to be a cringefest


Wolfenstein 3 would be nice. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And you’d think this should prevent articles like " why it’s not necessarily an exclusive" lol.

Will it?




Now… Onwards to Fable. I cannot wait to see how they are going to tackle that game.


Did anyone say it feels like Dark Souls yet

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