Xbox Game Studios |OT7| Killer News Here!?

to give you an idea of who things are at the moment on the PC side, even on small details

the desktop icons from the left up to Halo Infinite are from the Xbox app, the three on the right are from steam

for Halo infinite i checked into the folder and found a .png that i manually converted to a .ico file to use as desktop icon

morbid curiosity and all of that and it’s still wonky

luckly i haven’t had any problem since Gears 5 with installation, uninstallation and other problems that people report

anyway, Happy New Year :champagne: :champagne:

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2022 is now on Hindle time.

Before would be interesting. Perhaps at some spring show or if inside Xbox makes a return?

Wow this is crazy actually. They can have that preloaded…

Literally an intern can do this, probably finish in a day or less and feel like they actually did something.

I don’t know, but dubbing is also necessary, not everyone speaks English and a company that talks all the time about accessibility and reaching millions of players, must offer a great variety of dubbing.

It would also be nice if we could choose the language we want without having to change the region of the console.


That’s already in some games but it’s not a universal standard for some reason.

Hmm vehicles for exploration maybe?

I am expecting vehicles. No idea how that works on Creation Engine.

2022 question - What is one Xbox Game Studio game you want to learn more about next year? Besides the obvious like Starfield, I really want to learn more about Indiana Jones.

I’m thinking Midnight

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I want to know about Fable man, just what is it gonna be like. Sometimes I feel like I know what to expect and sometimes I don’t, I just need to see something tangible from it


Well then that update they keep talking about was a hell of a big one.

If this game is full of vehicles, I guess we can expect some in the next Fallout too.

Also want to learn more about Forza Motorsport and Avowed.

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Perfect Dark.

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Gears 6

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Yeah for sure.

It was revealed last year but the trailer didn’t give us much to work it. At the same time this is a franchise that has had a long ass break and there are a lot of questions.

If still no in-game material next year, at least some information on what they are bringing with their vision of the IP.

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