Xbox Game Studios |OT6| But wait, there's MORE....studios

Agree, but sometimes they have shown trailers that ended with “Visit us on YouTube for an extended look!”


Where do you think Xbox is getting its acquisition money from?

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Do you have some room for me there because I’ll


too then.

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scoot over a bit for me

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Surely not from Nintendo collabs, lol.


That’s for a different topic.

Some of ya’ll desperately need Switches.

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I have one and this reminds me I need to clean off the dust of it. Not joking.

I have it for Mario Kart for now and then, I finished Oddysey. Also for now and then I have Smash Bros and most other games I don’t care much for. I’d get Xenoblade if it didn’t look like someone used a full screen blur option when I play via my TV. That’s by far my biggest complaint, the dinosaur ass hardware.

After One X and now XSX it’s hard for me to go back to these games full of aliasing, low framerates and resolutions and handheld playing is not really my thing.


It’s too early, it would do more harm than good to Xbox, I don’t care about MS overall profits honestly.


Without the overall profits MS brings in from Azure, Windows, Office 365 etc. you would not have a platform holder that could invest big – Sony could not have pulled off the Zenimax deal, for example, while it’s pocket change for MS.

To keep this studios rather than acquisitions based to be on-topic, the same applies to the massive investment and expansion MS has put into the studios it owns – such as starting a whole new studio within Playground to deliver Fable.

I want Redfall and State of Decay 3 to do the same thing.

Dude, this would be perfect! I’m not ready yet to start expecting a stream of any sort though.

But that being said, there should come a time in general where MS starts to show games off more and not just only at big shows. With so many studios it shouldn’t be too much to ask, throw in some third parties and Indies too and you got something cool.

So many projects are in development now and there is no way it can all be kept for E3, unless MS starts to do a E3 show where it’s only exclusives that they cover, and that won’t happen. It has been said so many times now but please let Xbox adopt the Direct style of stream and none of that Inside Xbox cringefest anymore.


That’s exciting to read, wonder when we see exactly what it is they’ve been working on?

All I know is that they are killing the PVP in ESO.

  • Server lags
  • skill bugs
  • proc set meta
  • bad class balancing
  • removing game modes
  • crashes

so true…


No thanks

Stopped caring about Nintendo games 20 years ago

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Had the switch since launch and I havent been bothered to play on it for like 3 years :skull:


Like I said…