Xbox Game Studios |OT6| But wait, there's MORE....studios

I got to work on a Monday and you people put 434 posts on this topic?

What the hell did I miss?

Wrong reply

Lol. Oh! You didn’t think he was the champion of the downtrodden that he portrayed himself to be :wink:.


Speaking for me only. I’m salty I don’t get to play deathloop until next year.


Is that what 400 posts were about?

Deathloop is GOTY material and we be salty?

Or also the new XGSP game that leaked?


I hope that Arkane makes a Deathloop Director’s Cut when it launches on Xbox in one year, would be nice.

Wonder if this is another Age of Empires or Age of Mythology game.

Indus is the river in India/Pakistan so that seems kind of more Civ-focused AoE game.

Unless indus is short for industry and yeah that would make sense/

Xbox between first party, publishing, and game pass deals will have a substantially more diverse offering to their fans and for only $10 or $15 a month to boot. Or I can have the honor of paying $70 for “real art” with Sony. Not sure that point you made is the one you thought it was.


Only you can manage to turn a statement of positivity into a negative. After seeing so much concern, my patience limit has been reached.

How the fuck are Xbox players not treated as first class when we have Game Pass giving us games every week that every other platforms’ players have to spend $20-70 per title? How are we not treated first class when we received both the cheapest (but not in hardware capabilities) and most powerful consoles this generation? How are we not treated first class when Xbox is literally spending billions of dollars on acquisitions over the past three year, and will continue to do so, in order to increase the value of your Game Pass sub?


That’s fine, we all have our opinons :wink: My take on exclusivity is it makes the platform I prefer more attractive which leads to more people spending more money on it which in turn leads to more investment into more and better games on my prefered platform (phew, long sentence).


Can we please stop discussing Sony Money Hatting or really anything about Sony in the Xbox Games Studio topic?


That’s totally fair, and to some extent I agree; though Game Pass definitely changes the calculus of that on both sides of the equation. I understand people are bummed we have to wait for Deathloop but, as illustrated many a time, Xbox had almost no choice… they’re damned either way.

But people should chill out and remember how many games we’ve gotten the last two years, the quality of those titles, and how much more we’re confirmed to have over the next few years… especially compared to the output of the closest competitor. The fact that we haven’t even seen all of the projects is an even greater reminder of how much we, as Xbox fans, will be eating over the new few years.

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Yeah, I’m very happy with where Xbox is atm, and where it’s going. I just think there is a good case to be made for exclusives, that’s all I wanted to add :slight_smile:

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Ryan Gosling Reaction GIF by The Academy Awards

You know, I was just thinking earlier today how good I have had it with Xbox recently and you summed it up perfectly. If you don’t think you are being treated as a first class customer, then I don’t know what you want from Xbox.


Oh shit, I got the Gosling applause gif… swoon!

Another RTS?

We already got Gears and AoE4, is there really that big an audience for these? Not to mention xbox cant even get AoE4

If this is another remaster for something like AoM id understand but otherwise, eh

Xbox is going for bigger fish… Sony!

This is a bad take.


RTS are great and Microsoft got their start with RTS like AoE, AoM, RoN on PC.