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Hive Busters is no longer Upcoming for The Coalition. Also isn’t Zenimax online making a new game?

Thanks. Updated Hivebusters.

As to Zenimax…yeah, see above

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bring Crackdown 4 :terry: is sustainable? :chief_think: :giphy: :thinking:

XboxERA congratulations on the 4 OT :clap:. a lot of things coming and happening. we will have a lot to discuss here in the summer. :grinning:

Excellent as always! Love the title.

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Excellent. OT 4 off to a good start.

Glad you held off putting hints in @Shpeshal_Nick I just want to see it when it is announced, last year was tough on the Dev community, I wanna see them get their day in the sun

I only see Commander Keen, I was thinking of this, The Elder Scrolls Online developer Zenimax Online Studios is also working on a new engine and a new AAA IP | Windows Central

Ok cool, edited

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you guys think you’d have played hivebusters as a full game on its own with more missions? I know I would. I really liked the banter and relationship between the 3 characters. The addition of Cole’s daughter added to their dynamic. I think if they released a separate full campaign about them, I’d play the heck out of it

Zenimax Online has at least 2 unnanounced projects actually (though one could be a mobile game and the other one the AAA new IP at San Diego)


No this isn’t sustainable


They’re gonna make Evil Within Online.

This in the rumour mill?

Yeah a shitty mill that I just started


@Shpeshal_Nick Thank you for all you do but I must say I’m sad I didn’t get a trophy for being the last comment in the last OT because I was waiting for it for months. Just for that, I’m gonna ask @RandalThor19 to play Pokemon for charity with you


Anybody think Halo 5 not getting a series x update is more about just trying to forget about said game or am I using too much of a tinfoil hat.

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I think they’ll update it eventually, but probably around the time they release it on PC.

Maybe they got a lot of shit when that came out with the misleading marketing the terrible story you get the idea

Probably by summer then. I uninstalled anyway more as a measure to save storage space :skull:

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