Xbox Game Studios |OT3| Once more....with feeling (Part 1)

Alright if this is true I am hyped about it

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Really interesting

What other IP they could use for saison 2 ?

Wow this sounds amazing




That could actually be awesome

They could do a shadowrun game, a new freelancer game, a new mech assault maybe? a new blue dragon game or phantom dust maybe. microsoft has a ton of ip

If that’s what they are planning to do it could work very well!


Looking at the team and people that work there I would say Quantum Break would make the most sense with that said it really could be anything

Thanks. Mostly updated it.

I was busy at the time I was told to crest this so I just quickly made a new banner and copied the whole thing across.

Didn’t get a chance to update.


Whether or not it is true, it would be a really cool idea.

Wow that sounds interesting. So guess it’s not really an anthology, but standalone projects. 15-20 hours sounds perfect though.

Will be really interesting to see how this is handled. Like how they hell would they do a 15-20 hours Sea of Thieves episode? And what would be the benefit of them doing that rather than Rare themselves, for example?

oh what a pity :disappointed:. Here in Brazil, the event will be 09:00pm :grimacing:. I hope today’s announcements are good. From all companies. :heart: :+1:

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Based on LinkedIn, Compulsion is >60 people now, obsidian is more like 250, inxile is ~100. It’s demanding I sign in to see more now though, haha.

I’d love a new trailer of Tales of Arise and I hope we are indeed going to see Elden Ring.

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looks great to me :heart_eyes:

Would be awesome if they have the FH4 segment with the Cyberpunk car and then say “one more thing” and then a FH5 teaser.

But probably not, probably a E3 thing.


gears 6 is all but confirmed, there was that writer who said she was moving to Vancouver to work on the next instalment in the gears of war franchise

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Man Europe timings are nothing compared to where I live. Yall get it at 1 am, at least possible to stay up late for this one instance, but for us here in India it starts at 4 or 4 30 in the midnight :sob::sob::sob: I don’t know what to do till then cuz I know if I sleep ill end up sleeping through it like the last year, and last year I woke up to see Xbox and Hellblade 2 announcement already done with. :frowning:

I know there won’t be announcements at that scale but I personally like catching these live and celebrating alongside others online.


U.K. here. Starts at 11:30pm. Going to try and stay up and watch it. Starting a wee bit later at work tomorrow to compensate.

So great to read through the OP and see the absolutely massive behemoth that is now Xbox Game Studios! We are gonna have fun this gen!

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adding some more commentary to this, it actually makes a ton of sense and the strategy is brilliant. The Initiative would essentially be taking the third person narrative game that everyone wants, making it only 15-20 hours and using the same formula for another game. This is pretty much what Sony does except they make longer games which also needs a much higher budget.

The 15-20 hour, third person single player game which is seasonal makes a ton of sense for Game Pass, not so much as just a traditional game that relies on sales units.

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I might watch it. It starts 0.30am in Central Europe, but after the show is over I can go and watch Football