Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

Developers could have had early dev kits. The last few months just means those versions are far enough along to release final software with. I am sure there were numerous iterations of this.

This is not good. When you talk too much… they talk have “The most powerful console in the world”, “Full RDNA2 only on Xbox” and things like this happen… its complicated. :man_facepalming:

I know, in fact, no one has officially confirmed this, that the devkit is late. But, it is what it is.


pretty much this won’t get fixed until mid 2021 and at worst until 2022,

also with mid gen upgrades, XSX will only shine as the most powerful for 12-16 months of it life.

MS made a gamble and this is the result


Damn MS and their long term plans of unifying development between console and PC, bloody cheek for them to try some innovation! Give me those lost 5fps instead!!!


Ouch :smiley: hmm yeah xbox was too sure around the beginning of the year… I mean this is more than res but it is what it is. I bought my series x as a upgrade. And Sot looks and plays amazing. looking back I might could’ve get a pc instead, however that is expensive as hell. I have gamepass until 2022 too so Im not mad.

Anyways Im here for the amazing stuff xbox first party will bring. I might play my singleplayer third party games on the ps5 when I get it.

Dont get me wrong Halo is still my most anticipated game next year and I dont regret xbox like some here seems to.

On a note thought Dirt 5 looks sexy :flushed:

“The most powerful console in the world” “Full RDNA2 only on Xbox”

Those two statements remain true though, at this point it’s about the devs using the tools that they now have in their hands to unlock that power.


lol what is up with comment ? nothing about comment was negative ? also it’s not just 5fps watch the video before start talking



Im not saying its the end of the world. But when they, the Xbox, Executives, etc. say the fastest console in the world, they have to fulfill what they are talking about. thats my point here. It was not to say anything or someone comes to the public and says that, really, the devkit delayed, the pandemic affected the performance for XSX, XSS etc.

Mods, I hope you are ready to ban if necessary, if it evolves into another 100 posts of Xbox is doomed, or something like that.


I actually used the ignore feature for the first time on here. The amount of nonsense being regurgitated by the same individuals repeatedly is aggravating.


Twitter is not a problem, nobody in real life is going to say " yeah PS5 game perform better because when you use the zoom x200 in dirt 5, the game look better on PS5"

Differences don’t matter for like 90% of console player, if they really want game with best graphics and framerate, they are pc players

I have already used plenty of times, because I have better things to do than seeing people moaning several times about the same thing, while we know the reason as to why things are the way they are. If people can’t understand that, and want to keep being negative, I can’t do anything for them.


I dont need to say the answer, right… :new_moon_with_face:

I would say it’s a good idea to keep these kind of comparison videos in the dedicated threads about it. That way other matters can be discussed here.


I fully agree with that.


This is from high frame rate mode there more compression photos but i won’t bother posting it

I think more people are going to watch the comparison video of Dirt than actually buy the game lol

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That’s a great suggestion. High five

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i think there is more problems with x version and you won’t get to zoom to notice the difference, watch the video.