Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

Honestly, I dont really care about that. But the subject is worth discussing. Most likely, someone in charge of the studio or someone from the Xbox will explain what is happening.

Are the usual suspects really this naive or just pure concern trolling?

This narrative isn’t going to workout in the long run.


Whatever, I can guarantee you the overwhelming majority of consumer don’t care about comparison’s video and about Dirt

This shit is just going to be spam by PS fanboy, but it’s a small circle of fanboy who don’t interact with normal people lol

Who have comparison screen of Dirt in his TL ?

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nah what do you expect hehehe we send devkits but we still advertise this game as “Series X optimized title” this will make things worse. just reveal the next gen show date, show unct gameplay of hellblade 2. show what this hardware can do.

console war. remember, same energy. :grimacing:

Me in their position, I wouldnt say anything, I would continue with what they are doing now. Move on. theres a lot to come, worrying about it now is not healthy :slightly_smiling_face:

maybe check this video thread

maybe i express myself badly because english is not my native language, but I don’t understand why you link me this thread ?

I just tried to tell you even if the difference are important, nobody care about dirt and nobody care about ps fanboy on twitter

For the majority of people, games work the same on both platforms

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ahh my bad. that is true most people will buy series S but they will lose enthusiast people for this year not all of them lol but who want the best version. basically MS will not get their money for the first year

revealing games won’t make things worse though

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So after actually watching the video the DF boys are very puzzled with the performance on the X|S. Keys points are that they suspect that the GDK might somehow be the culprit, possibly having one profile being incorrectly associated with another system (has happened in the past with the One and One X), but more importantly they do expect for the issue(s) to be corrected in the future.


The people trolling in this thread didn’t actually watch the video, just posted pics and takes they got from social media and other forums.

Had I been MS, or someone from MS I probably would have started talking to DF, who better than DF to tell them what is going on right now and why and assure it will improve?

Sure there will still be people that will say it’s damage control and nonsense, but those kind of folks really don’t matter at all. Depending on how long these issues persist I would start talking.

This, please, for the love of god.

I don’t care about comparison vids and I hate the drama it brings. :pensive:

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Gamers have short memories. Remember the issues with Remake 3 and the usual suspects came out of the woodwork to shit post, only for it to get patched like a week later?

Also gotta laugh at the notion that MS shouldn’t have said they have the most powerful console with full RDNA 2, despite it being indisputable fact.


Is that 120fps vs 120fps or 120fps against quality mode?

Outside of the 120FPS mode on Series X being disappointing compared to PS5, overall, I would say it looked pretty even. And if you have a TV that supports VRR, you’re good to play. I will only play Dirt 5 if it goes into Game Pass as im not a sports/racing guy when it comes to video games but if it does, I will be playing in the Image Quality mode. Better effects. Don’t care about the resolution. Pretty much stays at 60FPS throughout.

both of them in high frame mode

watch DF Video from 9:05 minute mark for high frame mode

In general, I love the people who go through videos to take pictures and post it on social media just so they can push their agenda and narrative. It’s hilarious to me that people actually take the time to do so when their time could be better spent by oh, I don’t know, something like playing the actual games. SMH.


69k people watch DF comparison and less than 50k people actually play the game


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It’s pure concern trolling, the patterns are too obvious and the repeated statements from mods corroborate that they think so too. I’ve added quite a few to my ignore list but a few on here are really trying to turn this into Resetera 2.0.

I don’t believe that there are this many people who either haven’t been through a new generation before or that simply refuse to listen to the expertise/analysis of those in the industry. There isn’t a world where the power deficit of the PS5 outperforms the Series X on nearly anything unless there’s a problem with the development environment, which we have been told numerous times from numerous sources in the know. It’s really that simple, and COVID’s impact isn’t an “excuse” for the children who keep trying to say it is; when the most important months prior to launch, the same timeframe where the majority of optimization and prod-level development occurs, is massively interrupted by a global shift in means of production, it’s not an excuse it’s reality.