Xbox Game Studios |OT11| The One with Starfield and Activision Blizzard King

My version of clean racing is brushing up to the side of other cars when going full speed on a turn. I don’t do so intentionally, but I keep forgetting to let go of RT when racing.

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The game is getting better and better with each update. Really digging the way they update Solo play, although they should unlock everything witt each update, not slowly rolling out races every week, for those who want to do it all in a few days and be done with it.

Nissan GT R GT3 when ??

Absolutely needs to happen!

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I wonder if ESO got an update to address the bad implementation of the 30fps mode in menus? Because I recently went back to the game while there was still some noticeable lag, it didn’t happen so often that I had a headache after 10 seconds.

Although I could still feel that if I continued to use the menus for too long, I would get a headache.

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So never mind about ESO 30fps menus implementation, it’s still just bad all around. I just think the frames rate/time is running so inconsistently that sometimes it feels OK.