Xbox Game Studios |OT10| Here are the games

Rallies are my least favourite aspect of Forza.

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I’m loving it, I so wish the team would be able to make a sequel to Rallisport 2. I miss the days of the fun arcade rally games

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Racing games are fundamentally not talked about a lot. It is what it is.

I think the Rally DLC is quite good. Its missing some famous cars and its not really the thrilling and narrow rally tracks you get in Dirt Rally but its more approachable and fun.

i hope the next forza changes a bit the formula cause its getting a bit stale. And fix that pop in.


I feel there’s not much to talk about tbh. It’s solid , but there’s not much discussion needed for the rally DLC imo.

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I’m playng the last of US on PC: what stunning game. ND are Absolutely fantastic. I Hope to see the same level of quality and design from the Xbox studios. Really excited to see what they are cooking for the XBOX showcase.


I played it on PS3, and it was pretty good, I haven’t felt like I needed to go back at all, so haven’t played it since and didn’t play the sequel. I hope they move on from the franchise to something a little less bleak.


if Hellblade 2 is on the same quality as tlou for pc, certain fanbase would pitchfork the studio and demand Phil to step down.


I have not PS because i’m only PC Gamer. It has been the First Time i played the last of us. .

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Personally after the first two pacthes i didn’t find many problems.

About Hellblade 2, i Hope to see a new gameplay. I’ve been very impressed from the last one

There has been some talk, I’ve been praising it when I can. It really is a great expansion!

But also this:


I’m quite burned out on FH to be honest, played 5 for a while but then I just move to something else. Do you mean Halo or Gears with the other one? Same applies there too for me.

I am so ready for something new! New IP.

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Sea of theievs and Forza Horizon

Breakout franchise for xbox one generation… Beating out Halo and Gears

But not enough fans of the games on this forum and enough chatter about them

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It’s the same on other forums, I think GaaS just isn’t a huge topic among the groups that frequent these kind of places.

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Aaaah, Sea of Thieves.

Yeah I played it when it was basically a beta, and when it launched I played it again. It was too barebones back then. Apparently nowadays there’s plenty of content. But it doesn’t help I don’t find the combat against land enemies actually fun, unless they overhauled or greatly improved that. Ship combat was cool though.

I probably should give it a chance sometime again, it’s just that I’m so busy with other games. I basically need a second life, we all do, haha.

I’m just so ready for Xbox to drop their big SP titles, new IP at that too. Redfall to begin with, but obviously the biiiiiiiiig one early September.

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Xbox Games Showcase is the only name it should have every year.


Playing Ryse for the first time in like forever.

Super repetitive but I’m enjoying my time with it lol. Gorgeous landscapes and background drops.


Ori was also a breakout XB1 franchise.

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