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Lol, every time I talk about Game Pass to my PS-only best friend I am always very wary of sounding like that. I am kinda hoping he does get an Xbox next-gen because we play a lot of multiplayer, but he doesn’t buy many games, so we end up playing F2P (Apex, Warzone, lately Rogue Company). But with Game Pass we would have a huge catalogue, and it’d be a lot of fun. I hope the Series S pricing can sway him, since he is a very price sensitive gamer.

Maybe the mp will be detached from the story

I mean, if the new IP is super successful isn’t it likely they move onto the sequel?

Hello everyone. I just decided to make an account here. I had read the xbox forum in reset era for quite some time but I never couldn’t make an account. I’m happy to be here :sweat_smile:


As much as i understand, the coalition said that the current gears campaigns are part of a saga, so gears 7 is already a concept in the mind of the studio. I would love to see them making a New ip, that said probably there’s going to be people in the studio that feels more confortable working with the gears universe. Maybe a second team for AAA development might be the best approach to the studio, so the workers can choose when to work in gears or in their new ip and maybe some time be in one and some time in the other one. Like valve with the freedom they gives to their development teams.

Imagine giving early access games a score and criticize it for short content


Not a great look!


I… have no words there.


That might be a good idea tbh. One team on a continous standalone MP and focus on making great singleplayer games, both continuing the story and spin-offs. Much more freedom for the SP when it doesn’t have to take into consideration what works and not in MP.

Wow…that…is something allright. Are they aware it’s an early access title and what that means?

Yeah it is but that remains to be seen. A new IP being successful isn’t easy to do whatsoever. We’ll see what they do.

I would think that Gears 4/5/6 would be the trilogy. Especially with Ferguson gone, I think it’s time for them to do a new IP after Gears 6 because to have one studio working on one franchise and that’s it just doesn’t work anymore. They need to evolve and expand. At the very least, like you said, have a second AAA team because they can’t keep relying and depending on just Gears.

Great thread. This really shows that XBOX is getting back to basics with a fantastic lineup of devs. More to come I’m sure.

I don’t see the current story ending in the 6th. Ferguson is gone, but the studio already developed experience with the franchise, even they had very good support from the gears community, more than what 343 had with halo. Maybe they have some good ideas to develop with the gears franchise, so I don’t see nothing wrong if the studio wants to keep making gears games. That said, even if gears 6 was the ending of the current story (is not) will be difficult to their new ip to sell as good as gears (right now gears 3,4 and 5 are in the top 50 most played games on xbox in mexico. yes, even gears 3) , so they should stop developing gears games after their new ip gets big. If not, then might be a rough process and the revenue might not be that great compared to their current revenue. I don’t see nothing wrong if the coalition keeps making gears games, if they sell well, then what can we do. The gears community is not that hard to changes. Maybe a good idea to add new mechanics into the franchise is by adding the COG armors as rpg elements and if you use them you have more strength agaisn’t bullets, but that makes you slower and you know, makes you play as a common gears game. But if you don’t use it you are faster and can have more verticality. So playing with COG armors makes you a rock and without it a tlou-ish or uncharted-ish experience. Just in the mp have both modes and one that mix both and have the armors in the map as the halo arena mp in halo 3 and no one might be agaisn’t the changes. The coalition have more freedom than 343 in this subject. Idk, just shower thoughts.

Gears 5 was an excellent game but at the same time, anything short of a God of War type reboot, I believe that the series needs to at the very least take a long break. Gears 6 can wrap up the current storyline and then a new IP can launch near the end of the generation which due to Game Pass doesn’t need to sell millions upon millions of copies to be successful. At this point, after Gears 6, I would prefer to see The Coalition develop a new IP.

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I do agree that there shoudn’t be so many gears games so often. Maybe if the coalition makes the second team, and remembering that they launched 2 AAA in the xbox one generation, maybe a gears per generation might be a good approach. They can put a 5 years cycle to gears and launch 6th in 2024 and their new ip at the end of the generation. That said, the story doesnt really look to end in 6th, but I would like to see a tlou-ish approach into gears, we know that the human encounters were near to be added in the epic games trilogy, so might make sense that there’s still groups of people that are not good, and or doesn’t support the COG. Gamepass can make the New ip of the coalition succesful, yes, thats for sure, but I really doubt the revenue might be as big as what gears can bring. Gears is the second biggest franchise of xbox, and I really doubt that might change. A gears per generation is good, that can give to the coalition more time, but honestly killing the ip seems pretty unlikely. The efforts of gears spin off should be moved to their new ip and only have the main gears series and the New ip this generation.

Man IGN must really be starved for content right now

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I wouldn’t be opposed to this because you can’t miss or want a franchise if it’s always around every few years. One a gen would be fine by me with a new IP that could turn into a franchise in between.

Meh, so far Grounded is a huge success which guarantees it will continue to be supported and improved. Not like the review is going to damage the game’s reputation at this point. People really seem to love it.

While I personally don’t think Grounded should have been given a score because it is early access, it is not appropriate to attack a review outlet because you do not agree with them. Disagreeing with the review is obviously fine, but attacking the outlet or the person who reviewed the game is in no way accepted here.