Xbox Game Studios |OT| it me you’re looking for?

[quote=“peter42O, post:347, topic:107”] Looks like they will be acquired by Tencent once they acquire Leyou but while they were making Gears Tactics, I would have tried to acquire them because imagine Halo Tactics or other turn based strategy RPG’s based on the IP’s that Microsoft owns. [/quote]

Well, they did acquire InXile, they are doing their own AAA project, which is most likely a tactics game. Maybe they could tackle an Xbox IP in the future.

Not sure if their new game would be isometric. If rumours are true and they’re really going big, I think they’ll be making a third or first person RPG.

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great bit of info


Is TemTem timed exclusive to PS5?

Nothings officially announced so its all guesswork atm but seeing as the game was already a ways in development on steam and had no direct input from sony, id say its a safe bet temtem will be a timed exclusive

Big question of course, ia how long

I don’t think so, Nintendo Switch showed this off a long time ago. Guessing it’s at least going there.

Anyone have any thoughts on what Microsoft’s going to do in August? I’d like to get a price point on the Series X and see preorders open up. Also, I saw rumors before about Xbox having bought the Konami IPs, anybody else hear that?

We still need to see Lockhart…

I know it’s going to come to all consoles. I think they’ve said as much. I’d be bummed if this was timed because I’m really looking forward to it.

Not sure if this is the right thread but does anyone else have issues with games not updating automatically? Everything on my One X is set up to automatically download updates and once a week I’ll check for updates and I’m always greeted with 10 games that need updated. Modern Warfare pisses me off the most because they are massive downloads and for some reason they are EXTREMELY SLOW. I have 1,000 up/ 1,000 down so speed should not be an issue. Most games/ uploads download extremely fast but with Modern Warfare for some reason it slows to a crawl. Just wondering if anyone else has both of these experiences and I apologize if this is the wrong thread for this. I didn’t think my issues were very thread worthy.

Just spotted on youtube that Hood from tonights state of play is also coming to xbox. No mention of any timed exclusivity either. Theres also a trailer for Temem too, so i can assume thats gonna be the same.

I gather that sony wouldnt want to promote their competitors during their show, but they really made people think these games were gonna be PS5 only, even if that was only by assumption

Rule of Thumb: if Sony doesn’t use the word “exclusive,” then the game is not (full or console).


Yeah thatll be the case sometimes, but we cannot always rely on this logic. The PS5 games showcase for example, the trailers did not specifically state that the bethesda games Ghostwire Tokyo or Deathloop would be timed exclusive, and since those games were already announced with no mentiom of platform exclusivity, i, and probably many others, assumed theyd be multiplatform, just to find out they had timed exclusivity for PS5.

During the same showcase though, they showed Pragmata, capcoms new game, that people would also assume would be PS5 exclsuive, just to find the game was gonna be multiplatform

I don’t see why Moon couldn’t eventually work with Microsoft again for Ori 3 ( or even a new IP) in the future, they seem to be on good terms.

Same as you. Banished, flood, prometheans, all out war imagine all fighting each others. A.I interactions, large scale battle, oh my…

Here is a great vid I recommend to all of you if you want to know more about the new Halo ring we are going to explore since it was confirmed to be Zeta Halo.

I also already posted a video about the Halo Ring Experience at Halo: Outpost Discovery by 343i and it was indeed Halo Zeta. Please take a look at how this world is beautiful. The various creatures the biomes, inside the ring…!

They didn’t create these assets for nothing.

Like I already said, I really hope the game can reach this kind of graphics too. It is wonderful!

Can’t wait to explore it.

Thanks. I’m really hyped for this game. Played around a bit on PC. I don’t really like to play on my PC so I decided to wait for console.


Yep, me too. Glad to see it’s still multi and coming to all consoles on release

Pragmata let me believe Capcom is not interested in time exclusive currently.


Fair point, Street Fighter V didnt work out too well for them so hopefully capcom wont be too keen on exclusivity deals goinf forward