Xbox Game Studios |OT| it me you’re looking for?

I can see the next Forza being a platform like Halo Infinite is. Fable and the next Forza Horizon too

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Yeah, the number is off the end so that is what it is going to be.

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Do you think Gears drops the number as well? I can see it becoming a platform. I mean Gears 5 is half way there.

yeah I think it will.

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Drop the number yes, be a platform I doubt.

Some people thinking everything will be a platform. It makes sense for Forza Motorsport or Halo Infinite, but not everything. Honestly Xbox should fund a proper MMORPG, this is one genre Xbox lacks.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see another mmolite like Destiny release this next generation. Destiny was clearly very successful and I imagine other pubs are looking into creating their own.

A full on mmo though, that’s a behemoth undertaking. I’d be okay with them finally releasing FF14 already.


If Fable is a live service again, might as well kill the game right now.

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Think more shared world, where instead of little balls of light there are areas you can see other people before you go off and do your own stuff either solo or possibly co-op.

They didn’t wanna fund SFV since Xbox already had KI. It would probably be the same situation here since they already brought PSO2 over. Phil seems proud of that game and their treating it like its their own

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Moon is working on an AAA RPG with funding from Private Division. I do hope they have second team working on Ori, though. How big are they really?

Its timed. We need something proper like the Guild Wars 2 or FF XIV.

yeah this is fine, just don’t want it to be designed around multiplayer and wanting you to stay playing the game continuously as that’s doomed to alter the design of the game towards a bad direction imo, at least for a game like Fable. Something more like Dark Souls where it’s still a single world campaign but others can join in with you. Halo went live, probably Gears shall as well. Forza games are completely fine with going live service as that shall not invade the game design in any form. Horizon could just keep adding more regions, have world events and festivals and the core mechanics shall not require any modification to adjust to that model. But games like Hellblade 2. Avowed, Fable need to represent a future for Xbox being these contained albeit rich experiences that eventually end, and there’s huge value in that.

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Im thinkimg/hoping gears will wrap on the franchise with number 6, then the coalition can focus on something else

The Coalition makes Gears games, even if it’s another genre it’ll be Gears.

They will make Gears as long as gears sells, just like every other studio out there. Everybody tries to find a franchise that works and will continue to do so until they find that sweet spot. Look at Guerilla or Sucker Punch. Both had to change, but don’t expect anything new for the next couple of games as long as those new franchises work. I would say a Studio which changes constantly just for the sake of it is very rare these days. Sonys Show is actually a good example, they had a lot of success with their games this last gen and all they showed was sequels. Xbox had to change and we saw a lot of completely new games. It’s just the nature of things.

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I see Coalition developing Gears 6 and then moving on to a new IP before eventually going back to Gears. Let them wrap up the current three game trilogy and then go with a new IP.

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Lol, every time I talk about Game Pass to my PS-only best friend I am always very wary of sounding like that. I am kinda hoping he does get an Xbox next-gen because we play a lot of multiplayer, but he doesn’t buy many games, so we end up playing F2P (Apex, Warzone, lately Rogue Company). But with Game Pass we would have a huge catalogue, and it’d be a lot of fun. I hope the Series S pricing can sway him, since he is a very price sensitive gamer.