Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Accounts for 70-80% of All Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

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In today’s public release of the European Commision’s ‘merger procedure’ of Microsoft’s Activision-Blizzard merger, the EC highlights that Game Pass Ultimate members account for “…nearly [70-80]% of the current […] million Game Pass subscribers” (Paragraph 680). The document also highlights the growth of the service across console and PC as of 2021, stating that:

For PC, Game Pass Ultimate’s share of Microsoft’s worldwide revenues from multi-game subscription services grew from [20-30]% in 2019 to [70-80]% in 2021.565 For console, the corresponding share grew from [5-10]% in 2019 to [50-60]% in 2021.

EC’s Merger Procedure Document (Paragraph 550)

Thanks to Klobrille for the spot. Check out the full-fat procedure document over here.