Xbox Game Pass: Public (Un-Official) Calendar

Hello everyone,

I’m quite sure that sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all the upcoming titles to Game Pass, Game Pass for PC, EA Play, Cloud, Games Leaving, Titles Updates, etc. etc.

Specially because the information is split in various sources Twitter, Xbox News Page, Media Outlets, Developer Social Accounts, YouTube, etc.

So, I decided to create a public calendar on Google, so you can add to your account (or pin this page and look at the calendar below) so you will never get lost again reading blog posts.

I’ll be adding games as they are officially announced or revealed (or listed for removal) as soon as possible. Games with only a release window but without a date I won’t add them yet to avoid confusion.

Update: May/2017 - Mar/2022

You can add the calendar to your Google (Gmail Calendar) with this link

Or if you prefer an iCal format for any other Calendar, use this link

(If you are on mobile, copy the link and open a browser on desktop mode to get the prompt to add the calendar to your account)

If you find any errors, missing information, or leaks you want to throw at me in advance :wink: send me a DM here or on Twitter at @ReForce, reply in the thread, etc.


Nice job! I’m impressed. Thank you!


This is great.


Added iCal link for those without a Google account

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Great work, it’s good to have a visual guide for the upcoming games.

You can add these three as well:

  • Cris Tales - july, 20 (console and PC)
  • Skatebird - august, 12 (console and PC)
  • Astria Ascending - september, 30 (console)
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Thanks for the info, I also added the Sea of Thieves update

Excellent work.

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I’ll put Games with Gold as well, since the focus is XGP Ultimate anyways. :sweat_smile:

Updated until January 2021.

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This is just super!

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As I go back in time, I notice how hard it was to keep track of things :sweat_smile:

But I guess at some point I will be able to predict the games leaving beforehand.

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Project update:

The calendar now has all the info from May 2017 till June 2021.

More than 900 games has been on Game Pass since it was launched.

So if you haven’t yet, You can subscribe to the calendar for free, to know when the next games will drop :slight_smile: