Xbox Game Pass |OT| Our Backlogs Are Doomed

It’s a 2K game. Better to play it as soon as it’s available, I think it won’t stay in Game Pass for long

Always wanted to play Evil West, happy to see that one.

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I think it will stay a while. If it’s not GTA or RDR, it will stay in a normal rate. Though I think NBA2K should be counted too.

Oh man, Diablo 4 is really addicting. Have to be careful with it lol. Chose the barbarian(?) class and am slashing throughs hordes of enemies. So satisfying. I also chose the difficulty setting for people new to diablo and it seems a bit too easy for my taste (no death yet). Does it get more challenging or should i up the difficulty? I’m lvl. 15 if that helps.

Almost forgot. I love that it’s easy to reskill the char. I have no idea what skills are useful/ I enjoy so that’s a big plus.


Completed Diablo 4 campaign with Rogue, huge single target dps, melted all bosses. Campaign was really fun, want to experiment with this different rogue builds before I try another class.

I played on world tier 1 too, its pretty easy and you won’t really die unless you’re pretty reckless. Mid game is only time where there is some challenge before you get all legendary items and aspects. Tier 2 is a decent level, slightly buffed enemies that take a bit longer to clear, so you might spend more time clearing mobs (although for more exp).

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