Xbox Game Pass for PC changes name to PC Game Pass

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During an advertisement for Xbox Game Pass for PC, Microsoft revealed it’s changing the name of their PC gaming service. While the logo remains, the word Xbox will be removed from their marketing. From now on the service is called PC Game Pass.

We heard a rumor that we’re changing our logo and name. the rumor is true

— PC Game Pass (@XboxGamePassPC) December 10, 2021


In the advertisement featuring Lil Dicky and GaTa some new titles were also revealed to come to the service on the day of release. These games include Sniper Elite 5, Pigeon Simulator, Trek to Yomi and a yet to be announced title from Hugecalf Studios.

Might as well list them out now that they're unredacted. Will be coming on day one (now with proper spelling!)
⌨️ Sniper Elite 5
🖱️ Pigeon Simulator
⌨️ Trek to Yomi
🖱️ Unannounced game coming from Hugecalf Studios

— PC Game Pass (@XboxGamePassPC) December 10, 2021

One thing they’ll need to fix is their Twitter name, as that still reflects their old branding.

bad change

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Can MS just be normal with their naming of stuff

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Can consumers be informed and not think that “Xbox GamePass for PC” requires an Xbox? The answer is no. Thus part of the driver for the name change.

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Yeah I don’t like it.

Is Console Game Pass next?

Interesting, I didn’t think the name caused confusion ?

Never underestimate the stupidity of people I guess. I thought it was a good idea to have Xbox as the gaming brand for MS, it made sense with all the talk of the ecosystem etc.

Will the Xbox app on PC be rebranded too then? “PC app” lol.

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Xbox One S Game Pass

Xbox One X Game Pass

Xbox Sereis S Game Pass

Xbox Sereis X Game Pass

Android Game Pass

iOS Game Pass

Edge Game Pass

Chrome Game Pass

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But all the PC master race guys told me people would be confused with the Series S and Series X names.

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In all seriousness though, I don’t think the name is the reason why PC game pass hasn’t seen much growth. Maybe fixing the Microsoft store to be as efficient and easy to use like Steam might go a longer way then changing the name.

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Yeah, the store is the only complaint I’ve ever heard and the technical issues (lol PC) that comes with it.

I think this is dumb, Xbox still needs to get the name out there and I liked the idea of Xbox being the overall gaming brand, it made sense. Brought the userbases closer together.

It also feels like the rename is partly to make it more difficult for others to market competing service(s) to PC users.