Xbox Game Pass could be a boon for indie developers-



Clearly, and it’s already paying off with a lot of ID@Xbox games launching on Game Pass. The Messenger just came to Xbox as well, only Switch/Ps4/PC before. We even got Carrion launching on GP and it’s not even on Ps4 yet. It seems the tables are slowly turning, indies are not just releasing on Switch/PS4 now.


With all this giant game chasing/moneyhatting that PS is currently doing for the PS5, they’ll be highlighting more and more AAA games rather than indie games.

With ID@Xbox, gamepass plus the current way they are doing things I can only imagine Xbox will gain more traction in the indie space as a result. Even more shares of the indies as a result.


A very motivating article for any indie game dev.

Quote of the day:

“Xbox Game Pass is the first time subscription is fair for developers.”

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Most interesting part for me is how they highlight game pass as an easier route than going the traditional publisher route. Attractive for both big and small indies.


It would be great if we could get indies filling genre gaps and using Gamepass to do it. Like arcade racers for example.

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Great article for fans of Indie devs. One thing that might be getting overlooked is the “halo effect” (not that Halo) that comes from Indie dev exposure on Game Pass. In addition to some developers being chosen for the service, I believe the awareness of Indie devs improves due to gamers who maybe wouldn’t play some of these games suddenly becoming more diverse in their taste. Anectodally, I know people on my friends list who’ve expanded their interest to the Indie scene due to getting a taste in Game Pass. Me personally, I went on a shopping spree looking for games like Slay the Spire or Children of Morta after playing them. I think it makes Indie devs more acceptable on the big stage by more gamers. If my anectodal examples grow exponentially with the growth of the service, I believe that will be good for the industry.


I agree completely, it’s only going to take few devs to praise game pass and speak about their success for other indie devs to think oh wow that’s actually a really smart move for my game, If i just launch it in Game Pass I can get some cash up front and if our game is good enough we will get fans of our studio/team that could buy our second game. I can see brand new studios being made larger and more popular after gaining a fanbase from game pass fans. Then these studios might feel a bit loyal to MS for helping them and they’ll probably be cosy with MS for the long run.

Anything to help indie devs make the games they really want and for more people to try their crazy new ideas is the absolute best thing we can ask for. I have played MUCH more indie games since being subbed to game pass, my current favorites right now is Neon Abyss and Forager both which wouldn’t have ever got a look at if they were just in the store.

Get them coins sir

Oh shoot. Almost like exposure for indie studios and low adoption risk for consumers is a good thing!

Who wouldve guessed?

Based game pass

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