Xbox Game Pass adding seven more games- January '24 Wave 2

Originally published at: Xbox Game Pass adding seven more games- January '24 Wave 2 - XboxEra

The latest batch of new titles has just been announced for Xbox Game Pass in January’s 2nd wave. Leading the pack are:

  • Turnip Boy Robs A Bank – (Cloud, Console, & PC) January 18th
  • F1 23 – (Console, & PC via EA Play) January 18th
  • Palworld – (Cloud, Console, & PC) January 19th
  • Go Mecha Ball – (Cloud, Console, & PC) January 25th
  • Brotato – (Cloud, Console, & PC) January 30th
  • Persona 3 Reload (Cloud, Console, & PC) February 2nd
  • Anuchard – (Cloud, Console, & PC) February 6th

Only one game is leaving, but it’s an incredible one.

  • Hitman: World of Assassination is leaving on January 31st

Friendly reminder, for any EA Play titles you’ll need either Game Pass Ultimate or Game Pass for PC. This drop covers 3 full weeks of releases instead of the normal two, in a bit of a calendar reset.

You can find the entire blog post on the Xbox Wire


If you like rogue lite you will love Brotato. Not ground breaking or genre defining but it’s fantastic.


Persona 3 reload is the remake? The other day I saw something about it, before that I had no idea a remake was coming.

Jesus, I need to even start with any of those games.

Seems like Turnip Boy and me will be robbing some banks this week!


Man of his words.


Reload probably a good place to start, the OG is where a lot of people started the started the series to begin with and this will have a lot of QoL updates that the OG never had

Feel bad about never starting Hitman properly, I played the Paris and tutorial levels on Hitman 1 years ago and loved it, put like 30 hours into those alone and still didn’t do everything in those levels

No point starting now with just a few weeks left, I’ll never get close to finishing

Overall this is the best to start with, you mean? Not 5 or the other ones that came to Xbox(GP)?

5 would also be a great place but it’s not on GP anymore

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Hard to tell when P3R is not even out yet. But if they didn’t change the mega grindy dungeon Tartarus I would say P5.

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Nice update! I probably check out all these barring F1.

I bought on steam, and it’s a fun game. It’s inspired by vampire survivors, but it can hold its own.

Definitely looking forward to brotato and turnip boy! Don’t sleep on that, the first one was an absolute riot

I played the full Hitman 1 - 3 trilogy, now called World of Assassins, in 2022. It was game of the year continder for me personally. Especially because the platform was upgraded for XSX and the H1 and H2 were updated with H3 engine. If you can give it a try, or find on a deal. Well worth it.