Xbox Free-to-Play is now Free-to-Play

It has finally happened!


'bout time :wink:


Good news after good news. Keep going MS !


Xbox has been dominating the news cycle.


I know the only reason Squaresoft didn’t release FFXIV on Xbox One back in the day wasn’t because of Xbox Live. I wonder if it’s too late for Phil to get a deal going.

Excerpt from their official list, just sharing the info :

  • Crackdown
  • Crackdown 2
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Im pretty sure they are working on it, but their development is super busy right now with the endwalker expansion and the ps5 version.

So weird that voice chat and Looking for Groups were also locked behind a paywall :flushed:

The looking for group thing is not that surprising really because you will be playing with someone online at some point and that required Gold until now. The voice chat is weird though.

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Bloody finally

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Interesting that it also seems to include games that are just free in some way, like Crackdowns and Aegist Wing, and not just F2P games like Destiny/Fortnite/etc.

re: voice chat, yeah, it was always weird it was locked behind Gold. the only voice chat that was free on 360 was the 2 person private chat, party always required gold

During the time where PC Chat required additional costs and services, it didn’t seem odd to me. It was simply carried forward from that point on.

It was also voice-chat was across the entire system, it didn’t matter what anyone was doing and when existing “game chat” meant everyone had to already be in the game and same lobby before they could be heard. It’s why there were moments of gamers using Xbox Gold for Party Chat when trying to setup and organize a game play session on the PS3.

I’m glad to see the cost structure being removed.

I’m pretty sure the last Yoshi-p interview was bullshit, Phil has speaked about that game since forever and 2 full years ago assured Xbox was incoming, lmao.

I fear that FF14 is never arriving.

Anyway, now Xbox is officially more consumer friendly than Playstation or Nintendo in everything, good.

“Free-to-play now means free-to-play.”

That wording is interesting because it’s an extremely transparent admission that things weren’t as advertised, previously.

Which demonstrates some humility (perhaps there’s a better word).

There’s a ton of potential to make a lot of money here with free to play MTX making a ton of money. A couple of years ago Fortnite was making $1.5 million a day. Having a paywall as a barrier to getting a piece of that revenue is kind of ridiculous. Sony did it smart and it seems like, from their numbers, they were handsomely rewarded for that decision.