Xbox Family Settings App

Xbox Family Settings App

Perhaps there are some other Era residents that will find this useful.

As someone with both a nearly-six year old and a 14 year old nephew that needs serious gameplay time-gating, I’m happy to see that Microsoft is going all in on the parental controls via app.

This is not a big problem to solve for my kiddo just yet, but I can see the time coming when this app will be getting a lot of use in my household.

Has anyone had the opportunity to try this out?

Yes. I’ve been using is for a while because I participated on de iOS beta/testflight. Works very well. I’ve setup limits for my youngest son and while playing, you get notifications when playing. When your time is almost up, you can add extra time by using the app on your smartphone or from the Xbox dashboard.

Yes this is a very handy app and also shows that Microsoft is commited to the XBox platform. As a parent I want to control my gaming habits of my children and Microsoft understands this.

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Glad to hear it’s working for you - I know I’m going to make use of it in a few years time. As you note, it’s a good sign that Microsoft are thinking about and dedicated to the whole gaming ecosystem.

Having said that, I’m sure there are some forum-goers who might dread the idea of a parent finding out about something like this! My childhood might have been a bit different if my parents had access to technology like this :slight_smile:

Yeah my childhood consisted of an offline ZX Spectrum computer at a friend and my own offline C64. The only connection to the big bad world was the telephone line or playing outside.

Anyway, here is the official announcement from Xbox Wire

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