Xbox expand refund policy for Cyberpunk 2077


Not a good day for CD Projekt, is it? But better than kicking it out of the store for sure.


This is the way.

Keep it as a console exclusive since it runs beautifully on Series X|S and expand the refund program so people can return it seamlessly.

I’m sure CDPR appreciates this method much more.


A much better aproach in my opinion than removing the game from the store.


This is a really fair way to take care of people while still giving Series X (and Series S) owners the choice to play the game if they want to.


I think the difference comes down to PSN not having the ability to do proper refunds at all. Sony kinda put themselves in a shitty situation there. Maybe this game will push them to fix that.


I agree. Sony’s approach, although not wrong, is a blunt way to go about it.

The game is a disaster on the Xbox One, but on the Series consoles it plays fine from a technical point and I am certainly getting enjoyment out it on the Series X.


This folks, is another example why delaying Halo Infinite for a year was the right decision.

Imagine if Cyberpunk 2077 had another year, or even 3 months, of polish. As it is, they took it out of the oven way too early:


Reading this leads me to believe the game needs another 3 years. If development didn’t start until 2016/17, that explains the missing features and performance issues. Seems like shareholders don’t like that CDPR only makes about 1 game a generation.

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Best way to go, give the players the choice, it actually bothers me to see people on certain forums praising Sony for removing the game when there have been several big games this generation that launched in horrible states, why weren’t those games removed as well? because there probably wasn’t a lot of people asking for returns on those, this is just Sony doing this because their return policy is awful and instead of taking responsibility and fixing it they’d rather remove the game and for some reason look like a hero to a lot of people, I’d recommend the game to people who have a Series S or X and the One X seems passable as well, maybe put a disclaimer in the store but no need to remove it.


It’s immaterial to me since I already bought the game anyway, but if I were a Digital PS5 owner I’d actually feel pretty pissed right now that I wouldn’t even have the option to check out a game that plays fine on that platform.

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That is a real fair point. Hadn’t thought about PS5 owners. :confused: