Xbox Elite Series 2 Warranty

I saw this on reddit and I actually wasn’t aware of this, figured I’d share it here. If you’ve recently purchased an Xbox Elite Controller 2 from Microsoft or an authorized reseller, you can add the Microsoft Complete warranty to the device for $20 for a 3 year warranty and it covers accidental damage, hit up chat support and they can add it for you. Not sure if all regions are supported but its worth looking into, considering that you only get a short warranty (at least in the US) and it’s quite a pricey controller. I’ll be getting this instead of Best Buy’s GSP from now on.

  • Microsoft Complete = 3 years, 20$ + Covers Accidental
  • Geek Squad Protection = 2 years, $50 + Covers Accidental

Good tip and totally worth it. My left stick is already busted after four months (drift and a weird “ratchet” feeling when you rotate it instead of smooth). Best $20 I’ve spent in a long time.

Good to know! I was a little leery about getting one since I read the build quality was iffy. I ended up getting one from Costco since they have pretty great customer service. Been lucky so far - four months in - but I might still trade it in down the line if the battery life takes a hit.

Wow, great heads up. Thanks! You mind if I ask how you got the $20? I don’t see it on the site and when you click on “add to existing”, it opens up the MS store on my PC and the only Xbox option I see is for the console ($50). Is there a “per device” option somewhere I’m missing?

Only until 45 days after purchase. So for me way too late. Otherwise I would have done it.