Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller was the best-selling Accessory of both July and 2020 year-to-date in US


Great, it’s fantastic. Will continue to use it on the Series X. It’s feels so comfortable and premium.

How is the build quality on these things? I’ve always wanted to get one but the quality issues I’ve seen people have has really put me off.

Anyone from the UK have one that they’ve bought from somewhere that offers a good warranty?

Build quality of this one is better than the first Elite that tended to lose its texture grip and sometimes broken RB/LB buttons. But both issues are repairable on the first Elite controller. With the Series 2 there are no such issues so far for me.

I had the Series 1 and after couple of months the analogue sticks started to feel loose, which got worse with time. BTW don’t forget to add me on Xbox Live, man :wink:

It’s noticeable improved from elite 1, though in my case some buttons started missing inputs in less than a year, which is something that never happened with any controller before.

But it went back to normal after cleaning it up.

Remember this is ranked by $ sales. So a $179 product has it easer to be the best selling.

This is great. If it didn’t have a built in battery I would buy one. Still rolling with my Gen 1. Gonna be sad if it dies.

Got mine at launch and so far no problems. Feels amazing in my hands. Definitely worth it if you can afford it.

Also happens to be the best controller ever made.

Fucking sucks it has an internal battery. Means it has a shelf life. So I’ve kept my Elite V1 as a backup. Internal batteries means it last forever. :philwins:

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I’ve heard that the battery in Series 2 is pretty long-lasting, but yeah it will definitely get worse over time.

Even if for every Elite controller sold 3 normal controllers were sold… thats still an impressive number for what most would consider a niche product. I would have guessed the ratio would be more like 1:10

I can’t use any other controller anymore.

I’ve held off and used my Elite V1. If my “me” time allows more game time, I may get V2 early next year to leave the option open as a b-day/x-mas gift idea for my wife (who always complains she doesn’t know what to get me). These positive comments and “better than V1” impressions make that more likely. Thanks!

The Elite enhances my skill level in shooters in an unbelieveable way. The best legal pay-to-win device :stuck_out_tongue: /s


Think I’ll hang on for the Series 3 version of this. Already shelled out for a better headset (Audeze Penrose X). That’s my limit for the year outside of getting the Series X console itself lol!

Do folk still get issues withe the grips on this controller?

Best controller I’ve ever owned.

Just my anecdotal experience, but my left stick went bad after a few months. Drift, and instead of smoothly rotating it had a ratchet effect almost like how the old GameCube controllers felt with the octagon around the stick, if you’re familiar.

I’m in the US so I guess this might not mean anything for you, but I did spend the $20 on the extended warranty at the Microsoft Store (although this was within even standard warranty period) and it arrived at MS today, hope to have the replacement back soon. It is a VERY nice accessory if you play a lot of games. Feels awesome in the hand and the charge cradle, swappable sticks, profiles etc. are all just top notch. Hoping I just got a lemon :confused: