Xbox dual boot OS, XboxOS and Windows

Think about it

Obviously native Xbox versions will run better than the Windows version on the box but MS could supply Windows OS and open up a huge catalog of games…huge library and incentive to own an Xbox with all this talk have having less exclusives.

With all the Windows gaming handhelds they could have a GUI layer on top of the OS like the handhelds to control the UI with a controller

People who dont want to use Windows could have it default to off offering the dual boot option, but it would save many people from needing to buy a decent gaming PC

These days updating Windows and or other OSs have been streamlined and are pretty hassle free nowadays

The obvious fault in this strategy is the chance of loss of revenue from third party games.

Someone will buy a subsidised console from xbox but play games via steam.

Now if only they sell it at a profit or put a fees on the OS would make sense.


I already shared what I think Xbox should do, it’s a no brainer that solves almost all problems. But only MS knows the technical challenges involved.

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They’d lose on the third party licence costs the ROG and stuff have when coming with Windows 11.

Their store has no future with a closed platform next gen as there will be less and less people investing into it if their games are going everywhere else

So it’s a case of lets make our hardware really appealing by appealing to everyone essentially, Xbox,Steam and even playstation since PS games will be coming to Steam or continue down the current path where they bring their games to PS/Nintendo, less people invest in the hardware, less third parties come and they make less and less money throught the store anyway

Third parties will have less and less reason to support Xbox unless they are getting a GP bag

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Yep, with the dual boot option we could be playing Xbox, PC, and Playstation games on PC…and I think people would prefer the Xbox version of any game versus the PC(or PlaysatationPC) version as itll be more performant, optimized, unless they want to play their game on another PC as well, options, options

I like this idea. They probably won’t do it though.

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My slight pushback to that would be, if the Xbox OS is booting into a proper Xbox UI, complete with the Xbox store, I feel most casuals would just stick to the default store.

Take the Steam Deck for example. It boots directly into a SteamOS and makes the Steam store front and center. While the tinkerers will boot into Desktop mode to add launchers like GOG, Epic, EA, etc., most of the casual audience will stick to the default option presented.

Yep, I reckon most people will stick to the default, especially if it works as sleek and simple as a console does combined with GP

but by targeting everyone with Steam and whatever else you build the narrative of your console having access to everything, even if Playstation started getting Xbox games it wouldn’t even matter anymore because now an Xbox with a dual boot is going to eventually get their’s as well as they will all release on PC sooner or later

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