Xbox details its launch line-up of next-gen accessories; the new controller will retail at the same $59.99 price

The Xbox Wireless Controllers in Carbon Black, Robot White, Shock Blue, the PC controller bundles, and the Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable will be available beginning November 10 in nearly all Xbox markets worldwide. We’ve worked hard to give you improved controller features and experiences at the same $59.99 USD starting price as our previous controller, which also plays all games on Xbox Series X|S. The Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable will be available at $24.99 USD.


  • New Xbox Wireless Controller
    • Comes in three colors: Carbon Black, Robot White and Shock Blue
    • Works on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S
    • The same price as the current-gen controllers
  • New Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable
    • Fully charge your controller in 4 hours
  • Updated PC controller bundles
    • Now include the new Xbox Wireless Controller in Carbon Black
  • Xbox Design Lab will go offline temporarily until 2021


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The console/controller includes a battery right or do you have to buy it separately? Also, I take it AA batteries have been replaced with that battery pak? Correct?

Also, can a USB flash drive be used to copy game save files from the console to the USB and vice versa? Thanks.

The controller comes with AA batteries. The rechargeable battery is an optional accessory that already existed, but is being upgraded for the next-gen with a faster recharge rate.

I don’t know about the USB flash drives being used to copy save files. But in theory that is not necessary since everything is automatically saved on the cloud.

Okay, thanks.

Can you upload game saves to the cloud for free or do you need Gold? Thanks.

Anyone who is signed up for the Xbox Live service can store their saved games in the cloud. Gold is NOT required. Gold is only required to play on-line multiplayer.

And you don’t need to do anything. The game is automatically and instantly uploaded to the cloud. There is also no cloud storage limit.

Good to know but as someone who plays off-line, once I complete a game, say AC Valhalla and want my progress to carry over to the expansions, how will I upload the game save to the cloud? Is there an option or is it all automatic?

Invest in some Eneloops. It is a great rechargeable battery solution.


WTF is an Eneloop? Never mind. Checking it out now.

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By playing offline you mean that your console is not connected to the internet at all?

Heh, I honestly don’t know how that works in that case. You definitely need an internet connection to upload something to the cloud.

With the cloud and smart delivery it is all automatic. You can play AC Valhalla on your Xbox One and resume playing seamlessly on your Series X|S from exactly where you left off.

It’s really hard to picture consoles nowadays without an internet connection.

Rechargeable AA batteries manufactured by Panasonic. It is usually a cheaper alternative to the Xbox Rechargeable Battery.

Still waiting on a media remote

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Yes. I’m NOT an online gamer whatsoever. Every game I play is off-line unless required. Only three games that I played and completed have had that requirement for solo play - Division 1 and 2 as well as For Honor.

Guess I will just wait and see how it all plays out.

That blue controller is right up my alley.


You can be connected to the internet without having to play online. You are missing a lot without an internet connection since you won’t be able to even download patches for the games you play.

Sorry. I should have been clearer. If a game is disc based, I install it completely and then connect online to check for updates. I learned a long time ago to not do both at the same time because the downloading of the update while installing a game takes forever. So I install first, connect and download the updates if there is any.

For digital games, doesn’t matter as it downloads everything day one. Any period of time that im away from playing a game like Division 2, I always check for updates. Of course, Division 2 is different since you must be online anyway.

Simply, I don’t stay connected online when playing a game.

The blue one looks sooo good

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That blue looks great. Definitely going to scoop one up.

Any word on whether there’s an official media remote?

Eneloops are a well respected rechargeable battery brand. You can find a dummy charger and 4 AA batteries for around $20USD or so. You can just rotate between the 2 sets of of 2 AA, you should get around 30hrs on a charge (60hrs on the 4 of them).

Energizer and Duracell are fine too if Eneloops are hard to find for you.

Where is the price of the 1TB ssd though? :frowning:

Eneloops + a amazon basic aa charger is the best charging solution, they last a long time and theres no waiting for things to charge.