Xbox Countdown 2021 Sale (ends January 2nd)

700+ items are on sale


Ohh, Yakuza 0 for 5€ and it’s about to leave Game Pass.

Paging @Mort @Staffy


Bought! It’s just as simple as that, not 100% bought but more like 1000000000% bought. So freaking worth it too. Thanks man, awesome.


Doom Eternal season pass for $7.50…Yes please!

Any other recommendations?

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Ive reached the point where I have most shit from these sales that interest me and I dont got nothing to buy :frowning:


Me too, lol, it’s always the same titles: I have already the ones I like and for the others I wait for GP.

Wait the Tiny Tina standalone is $5!

Yes sir

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Might pick up Tales of Arise, Lost in Random, and a couple of indies of been meaning to catch up on…

Holidays be hitting though so maybe not!

Lost in Random should be hitting EA Play in a few more months, FWIW.


Ill have to comb through this later and see if there is anything I havent picked up yet (not likely, but Ill look)

Also if you haven’t already make sure you sign up for Microsoft rewards because purchases for this event can unlock punchcard for extra points

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Whats the reward on this one? The last few sales they have had they only had rewards for buying movies.

4000 points

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Tales of Arise is on my radar too. I played through Dragon Quest XI around this time last year and I’m still chasing that high lol!


If Kiwami 1 and 2 had been there I would have grabbed those as well. Damn. Earlier this year all of them were on sale.

Damn, I’ve allready played 0. I had hoped those other two would’ve been on sale.


Do I spend almost $100 on this sale yay or nay. Waiting for a punch card before I pull the trigger.

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Thou cannot spendeth too many coins on games.

Proverbs 12:4

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I played and completed Yakuza Zero, Kiwami, Kiwami 2 and Judgment. Yakuza Zero is the best game of the four with Kiwami 2 second in my opinion. Hope you enjoy Zero as much as I did. Such a great game!!

I bought this back in November for $10 and refunded it a few hours later. Controls are bad and it just doesn’t feel good to play at all. I figured that im better off just waiting for Wonderlands in March. Hope you like it though.

Oh I am in the middle of 0 but right before E3 this year I took a break and only recently picked it up again, me and my dumbass breaks and then starting to play other games instead of just continuing on with 0, lol.

I got to the part where they introduce the hostess clubs, that chapter, and I’m close to finishing this chapter. I believe it’s 7.

Bummer you didn’t dig the Borderlands 2 DLC, I quite loved it myself. Thought it was funny and really digged the references to shows like GoT and such. :slight_smile: