Xbox Connection issue how to fix it?

Hi Game lovers ,

I Have a xbox one console which is from USA, yesterday I try to switch on the plug after connection tv with xbox console , A spark occur in the plug holder and the power shutdown in my house only, (power trip ), Again I try by power extension cable again the same fault occur. Can anyone please guide me, how to fix this issues .

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I’m guessing you’re not in the USA, so you likely have a different voltage (like here in the UK it’s 230 volts).

The power brick in the US Xbox One is only rated for 110V - while the European ones come with a power brick rated from 100 to 240 volts if I remember right.

So you’ll need to replace the power brick - if you search “Xbox One power supply” on Amazon, you can find them for about £20 for a generic one, and can buy one with the plug to fit your socket.

Just make sure to buy an international or European one, not another US power brick.

It sounds like the fuse blew so the Xbox itself should hopefully be fine :slight_smile:


Now iam in india , i bought from USA, which Xbox One power supply i need to buy for india can u share the Amazon link pls

OK so voltage is same as the UK, not too sure about the plug prongs but imagine that’s not such an issue.

If it’s an original Xbox One, then YTeam make one on Amazon, but any like it are likely fine:

YTEAM Xbox One Power Supply Brick, AC Adapter Power Supply Charger Cord Replacement for Xbox One

If it was a One S or X it would have an internal power supply so wouldn’t have blown the fuse, so pretty certain it must be the first one

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