Xbox CFO Talks Bethesda Exclusivity; “We Want Bethesda Content to be First or Better or Best on Xbox Platforms”

These answers are becoming annoying.

I am 99.9% sure that Microsoft continues to support existing games on Playstation and Nintendo and make all new releases exclusives.


I honestly think they are annoyed people keep asking them the same damn question.


But what I really notice is how the guy specifically just mentions Sony and Nintendo, not even just calling it other platforms. You are right though, Phil is above him. It’s just odd that he would go and just give this answer. Can’t imagine Phil really appreciating it.


That’s what I was thinking as well, maybe he was talking about the already announced Bethesda games for the PS5 and Switch like Deathloop, Ghostwire Tokyo and DOOM Eternal? :thinking:

I am confused about what MS is gonna do with the Bethesda deal and interviews like this one certainly isn’t helping, this can only lead to more confusion and speculation and I am not sure this is a good thing. At this point I think it’s probably better to stop commenting on this matter until the acquisition is done.

Existing as in TESO, Deathloop, Ghostwire Tokyo and Starfield? Because technically Starfield exists too now. It was announced and has been long in development. They never specifically announced it for any platforms though.

The day the deal is closed I hope Phil comes out and says only on xbox to end this nonsense.

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The answer is still vague IMO.

“First and best on Xbox/Gamepass” could mean anything. But, I honestly think most of their games will be exclusives.

They legally cannot make any definitive statements so they are trying to give people answers without actually directly answering the question.

If you read what Phil is saying it is pretty clear where this is all going and yet a few corners of the internet are convinced there’s no possible way that Bethesda games become exclusive.


I agree, that’s why I keep saying Phil is over this dude and said something different a month ago.

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“In the long run”

“Every game will be available for everyone”

“Shawn Layden, 2019”

Me always:


Exactly. Phil has been pretty clear on things without confirming anythibg. But you’d think internally at MS they would have discussed this and what one can and can’t say.

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I like both for Xbox. Everything should remain on the Microsoft Ecosystem.

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Starfield was not announced for any platforms and the deal is close enough to where it could be Xbox/PC only.

Normally, I feel the same but in regards to studios/titles you’re soon to own, it makes infinitely more sense to make those titles exclusive and on Game Pass (which we know all 1st Party titles are). Then not only are you saying that the titles are only going to be playable in the Xbox ecosystem, but you can get them for the lowly cost of a monthly/yearly GP subscription. It makes sense to me as a non-biz analyst that gaining more subscribers requires more content, and better still when it’s only available on that ecosystem.

They are all essentially saying the same thing but are all using different words to come to the same message. They just need to either stop doing interviews or agree on one concise message so we don’t have 6 more months of vague statements that people misinterpret.


This seems like a very stupid thing to say when you just launched a new console with barely any new exclusives.



But let’s say that he spoke too soon, I guess internally a change of plans. What I can see happening in that case is these games like Starfield and TES VI for Xbox for a full year, and then maybe PS5? I guess that would keep many people coming to Game Pass, especially the hardcore fans. Even though the real hardcore base is on PC, I believe. But if only timed exclusive for 6 months will have many people just wait it out. That can’t be their intention.

But that whole scenario seems extremely unlikely to me.

People, stop reading too much into that. They cannot talk more until the deal is finalized. Phil said it himself, it would be illegal to do so.


Timed Exclusive doesn’t make any sense for Microsoft.