Xbox are partnering with Oreo with special promotional packs to unlock in-game content

Originally published at: Xbox are partnering with Oreo with special promotional packs to unlock in-game content - XboxEra

What you need to know

  • 22 Countries will have special-edition Oreo packs with new cookie designs with Xbox-centric themes
  • Fans can scan packs to unlock a range of prizes, from in-game content for Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 and Sea of Thieves to consoles, Game Pass memberships and even a holiday for the whole family.
  • Available from January 2023, check out or XboxWire for more info!

Delicious Victory

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal! Buy your regular dose of Oreo Cookies, scan the pack (and crack exclusive cookie combo’s, apparently inspired by cheat codes in games throughout history), Xbox fans can unlock a range of cool prizes – just make sure you enter the baked in symbols in the correct sequence.

These include “Oreo-themed” content for Halo Infinite, Sea of Theives and Forza Horizon 5. Players will also be entered into a prize draw to win custom Oreo hardware, Xbox consoles, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate memberships and a “holiday experience for the whole family” (Subject to regional availability).

As per our friends at XboxWire, these cookie treats will be available from January 2023 while stocks last.


Those cookies look kinda neat:

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a small eBay opportunity with those in a year or so, when they can no longer be found on shelves.

Like these Pokemon ones that sold for $30 recently:


Nice. Promotion starts on the 16th here in Sweden as far as I can tell. GPU codes and Series S consoles in the pot.

I’m amazed they found us on a map, but then Oreo knows where we are of course.

Cool they also have them in the Netherlands. We usually get the Doritos Xbox stuff, but having Xbox cookies is way nicer than MAster Chief on the bag.

MS acquisition of Oreo confirmed.

Guess I’ll be buying some Oreos for that Halo skin. They got me. :man_facepalming:

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They did this with Monster for halo XP.

FTC: “You thought”

In all seriousness though I was hoping for more Halo skin tie-ins with food items. Maybe because it gives me a good excuse to buy some junk food.

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I’d have bought a few if this was in the US as well. Oh well, I bought too much holiday candy that somehow accidentally didn’t get given away, so guess I don’t need any Oreos… :sob: