Xbox annouce new publishing division under Kim Swift

Yeah and I think it will evolve quickly too

There’s got to be a lot of devs out there that would love to experiment with something with the possiblities this does

Yeah, and in this case if AI Cloud learning are amplified in Survival Horror, imagine like more smarter-Alien hunting you lol and they learn your pattern of moving and hiding. Thats would be fucking scary.

I’ve always figured one small advantage to cloud gaming is there’s no datamining - you can build a mystery for a community to solve and actually have them follow the intended route. Kinda hope Kojima or someone else does this some day.

I don’t think that is a “console warrior” take at all. I have used and owned various VR headsets including some high end things, and I personally just don’t see me wanting to game in that manner much at all compared to my regular gaming habits. I am stupid enough with my toy buying that I would likely buy an Xbox VR device for whatever reason, lol. But I am totally with you that this type of exploration for gaming is far more interesting and impactful for me.

I think I remember a report about T2, GTA and cloud AI.

If the rumor is true, I can imagine Kojima being seen as a movement for developers to go for it. That will be an impact to many. Aside from this, this is really interesting. Xbox is definitely forming its own world now that Microsoft is taking games as its own entity.

Could this be regarded as a new first party studio? I’m wondering.

Its just a division within publishing. Counts the same as regular publishing

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Kinda surprised some are confused by this. This is intended for establishing best practices/standards and info/experience sharing for devs who wanna build games that require the cloud to work, a la FlightSim. This is what Kojima’s project purportedly ties into. The computation is entirely or mostly done in the cloud and then the output frame is streamed to the user.

This is different than the other cloud powered initiative announced at GDC where MS is leveraging Azure to help indie devs build their games remotely with the dev environment itself entirely in the cloud.

I wouldn’t think anytime soon but if it becomes successful and gains enough interest from developers it is possible there could be a studio that focuses on cloud based games.

Seeing what was done with Flight Sim and even to a certain extent Crackdown 3, if done right and mixed with the right idea I think this has the potential to be huge but I think MS has to guide devs into this process and I hope that they’ve had several incubation teams test this out first; like I think that when this gets shown to the world it has to impress. Flight Sim was a good first step, really hope Kojima impresses with this but if someone has the potential to do it it’s him for sure!

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