Xbox annouce new publishing division under Kim Swift

"While technically this counts as ‘cloud-native’ because it relies on remote servers, these servers are still mainly running games that were designed for home consoles, which would provide identical performance if installed locally.

Instead, ‘cloud-native’ games use the cloud to process certain parts of the game, such as physics, lighting, environments or AI. This has a number of potential uses, such as freeing up processing power on a home console, or making sure that players joining an online world can all get the same synchronised experience.

An early example of this is the multiplayer ‘wrecking zone’ mode in Crackdown 3, which uses the cloud to process destruction physics, allowing players to blow up enormous buildings into countless small pieces with no drop in performance."


Yeah she is the person who Jeff Grubb stated was heading up Xbox’s cloud gaming intitaive, and is going to work on that Kojima project.


Kojima finally gonna make the Death Stranding he actually wanted

Ok im confused again

I thought when people were talking about cloud native games they meant streaming only but this sounds like something where you’d need an internet connection but not one with the same demands that streaming requires or am I dumb and reading this wrong?

anyway, this is lining up more with what Jeff was saying

Yes, you are correct. Cloud native means the game does many of its processes in the cloud instead of local hardware. It’s not about streaming

But since it wouldn’t be running on the hardware but rather through the cloud, wouldn’t it be just as demanding as streaming? Something like flight sim can run locally but uses the cloud for extra things, if it wasn’t running locally surely that would demand a better connection that before

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? this is different with that new ‘division’ within XGS or something from MS’s GDC panel this week?..


What a great choice to lead the division. Kim Swift is AWESOME. Man seeing MS put these type of proven and talented people as leaders gets me so hyped. Cloud-native games can be the next big thing. Flight Sim already gave us a peak into the future and the possibilities.

I guess it’d depend on what use for the cloud. In the case of Flight Sim, it’s used to stream direct data, textures and 3D models from the cloud, the experience is better the faster the connection as that data is huge. There’s also pre-caching of data

There should be other uses where connection speed isn’t that important, but where latency is most important.

Overall, I don’t think it’s as demanding as streaming.

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From the GDC presentation.

Doesn’t matter if it is streaming or cloud enhanced. Bring it on :fire:

I wonder when we will start hearing about projects under this organisation

and when they are announced do they just fall under the XGP banner or will it be something separate like Cloud Gaming Publishing, im assuming the former

Nobody ever really knew what cloud native meant for sure. Here it sounds like a game that relies on cloud (potentially mandatory) but can also use local compute for tasks.

Demands would depend on how the game uses it.

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Yeah that would make sense, especially since it would be weird not to utilise the game locally for some things, Series X is a crazy powerful machine so it would make sense to use as much of it as possible and then use the cloud for everything else or for whatever is more efficient to use on cloud

Kojima’s game will be the first landmark game under this division I am guessing, and they will make smaller games to test ideas. Eventually cloud native gaming will completely rethink how games are made. It is exciting that MS is on the forefront of this tech.


Good shit . I hope they announce the kojima game this year . No gameplay or CG trailer , just bring him out on stage and have him reveal the project .

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I think it’s likelier that his rumored Sony project gets announced and published first.


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Yea, not to sound console war-y but im glad this id rather focus on this more than the VR path Sony seem to be taken

Having that extra cloud power to do things you cant do locally has massive potential, something like Flight Sim is proof of that and that’s just the beginning


Its also beside streaming data, it could be used for AI, like imagine if cyberpunk with cloud tech, can make the city environment as ambitious as it is, like NPC behaviour or even NPC quote updated each time responded to our actions because of cloud tech computing. Or random NPC suggested a trend to us, the potential are endless.