Xbox and Dolby Atmos Sound Delay (A Wild PS5 Beta Appears)

As a huge Xbox fan I am not sure where to post this because it needs to be said and I know it’ll get backlash. Xbox consoles have had Dolby Atmos for years and it’s always had an unusable level of audio delay that absolutely ruins it. Xbox has never addressed it and it just persists this way endlessly it seems.

I just got into the new PS5 firmware beta which adds Dolby Atmos support and it just works perfectly. No delay. No perceived issues at all. It’s amazing.

Xbox. FIX YOUR SHIT. This is ridiculous. It’s been years and Sony just came out and got it right right off the bat.

Edit: I’m using eARC with my LGCX and LG 5.1 soundbar. Dolby Atmos works flawlessly on XSX when watching media that uses the feature. The audio lag with Dolby Atmos is only when playing games. It is a known issue that’s been discussed for years.

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Are you doing eARC?

Yes. I’ve researched this and repeatedly looked into it for years. It’s a very known issue. Jez mentioned before “not E3” that he knows it’s an issue and that he’d ask around about it. He never clarified anything.

eARC. LGCX. LG 5.1 soundbar. Dolby atmos works perfectly when watching media, lags like hell when playing games.

Do you have the allow passthrough option on?

Yes. This has been a known issue for years. It’s been discussed on Microsoft’s own support pages with no actual support/remedy/intention stated to fix it being discussed. It’s just an absolutely broken feature.

It was something that was annoying because it sounds amazing but is unusable in gameplay. I gave up on it. Then today I try it on PS5 and it’s flawless. Microsoft really needs to address this.

I’m aware of the issue as I had it a year ago when i bought my soundbar, however i fixed it, trying to remember what i specifically did


I don’t have any lag going from my LG B9 to my Sonos Beam using Atmos, works flawlessly using my Series X.

But I think it’s worth mentioning that Sony didn’t add Atmos support in the same way MS does, as Xbox supports actual Dolby Atmos streams. On PS5 you now have the capacity to send their own Tempest 3D Audio and have it played through an Atmos capable sound system, so it’s not an apples to apples comparison.

Now that you mention it, I believe I also had to do a little something on mine, but I can’t remember if it was on the Xbox, on the TV, or on the Sonos App itself.

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A very real issue, unfortunately.

Earlier this year I had the best Samsung Soundbar and I picked Atmos and the delay was very noticeable. Dolby Digital was somewhat better. When I selected stereo uncompressed it was fine.

When I hooked the Xbox straight into the soundbar Atmos was absolutely fine, but unless the bar supports VRR(HDMI 2.1) you lose out on that. I’ve done a lot of research before I bought a soundbar and I often saw many complaints about audio delay with Xbox when people tried Atmos or DD. Some seemed to have fixed it, others not. These same people said DD was fine on their PS5.

MS answers page is full of complaints and I do not get how it hasn’t been fully addressed by now.

My brother for example has a Sonos Arc and doesn’t have any issues with gaming, so it’s definitely odd. But when I played RDR2 on the Samsung Q990b with the Xbox hooked into tv, pass through on Xbox and TV enabled, I noticed a real delay when firing my gun, it wasn’t good.

And you have the Xbox connected to the TV too? Because that made all the difference for me. Hooked into tv meant bad delay with Atmos and somewhat better but still a delay with DD. Hooked into soundbar and it was all gone.

Yes, mine is connected to the TV and Sonos Beam Gen 2 on eArc port.


Nice nice.

Then I think it could be a combination of things. My brother who also has Sonos (Arc), XSX and a LG C9 doesn’t have these issues either. Probably not a coincidence that both TVs are LG.

I had delay issues with the Samsung S95B I still had earlier this year, but I might have less issues with the Sony A95K that I got now, definitely worth to try. I’ll make sure to enable pass through, eARC and everything that could help it.

But because of these potential delay issues I’ve been trying to find a bar that supports VRR, because VRR is a feature I can’t miss.

I just run everything into a receiver and don’t bother with eARC. The only negative is I can’t get audio from TV apps but I just use the Xbox for that kind of thing.

I prefer not having a bunch of wires running to the TV anyway.

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