Xbox All Access expands to 12 countries, starting at $24.99 a Month

Seems risky to allocate consoles there for launch window imho. If this doesn’t work, those are lost sales they coulda had elsewhere.

Need it here in Brazil.

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I saw a windows central post regarding the prices and pre orders here in India and they mentioned that even though All Access is not coming for now, there might still be financing options available through local services. So maybe these not yet supported countries could still get it somehow?

So, I just spoke to xbox customer support, and make sure you have less than 12 month of xbox gamepass ultimate if you want to redeem the gamepass ultimate chat rep said:

“Once you bought the series x console with Xbox all access, your account must have a balance of less than 12 months of existing game pass ultimate for you to redeem the 24 months Game pass ultimate subscription that’s bundled”

So just to clarify, you get a code included for 24 months if you purchase a Series S/X via All Access?

yeah, what the rep told me you’ll get a redemption code for the 24 months xbox game pass ultimate. The rep was unsure when redemption expires, but I guess you would have to hope the 24 month doesn’t expire before you hit 12 months left on gamepass ultimate.

Good to know. I suspect it will be a similar time frame for the Gamepass codes that come with a new Xbox currently, so I should be good.

This is an excellent deal. Costs only slightly more than something like Netflix, and it costs considerably less than cable. And well, it’s a capable next-gen hardware, online is paid for, you get hundreds of games (including almost the entire Microsoft and Electronic Arts library), and it’s even a great media device as there’s apps for Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, YouTube, Twitch, a browser, etc. etc…

Now all they need is to expand this to other countries.

I hope so. Brazil is a huge market despite our insane taxes. If they have official financial options and good prices here they can sell a lot.


In Brazil, whats the cost of a Series S after taxes?

They haven’t announced yet. Some guy from Xbox BR said that they are still in negotiations to try and get the price down.

For what’s worth it, Nintendo just announced they are bringing switch here officially, at around 550 dollars.

bruh is that 550 USD or Brazilian currency? If the former, that’s kinda stupid expensive lol

Either way they’ve not come to our country either yet and probably won’t for a good while.

It’s launching here for R$3000, that’s roughly equivalent to 550 US dollars, but hard to say the exact value because conversion rates has been floating a lot these days.

man that shit sucks. If switch costs that much, I figure the rumored Switch Pro shall cost at least a 100 dollars more :frowning:

Literally every console in my country is gonna have absolutely horrible value after conversion. Series S at 480 USD and Series X at 700 USD, fml I expect PS5 to not do any better. All in all, no consoles for meeee for the next few years

The good news is that Ms is usually a lot better with local pricing than everyone else here. But with the dollar as high as it is it’s hard to predict where the price is going to land.