Xbox Acquisition |OT7| Come on down for your chance to win on “Who will Xbox buy next?!”

The point is that you want to solve something by buying a direct competitor. Beyond the price, it’s the same as MS buying those companies.

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What brand does Steam have? It’s the top PC store nothing more. It has more games better integration and is quite popular. Xbox has over 120 million MAU and over 200 million MAU on mobile. In my opinion if the Xbox store were to replace the windows store, they would have more games considering there are a lot of the big publishers that don’t directly launch their games on Steam but have done on Xbox and the catalog would be immense.

Steam is big but not that much. I think the Xbox if on PC could easily compete and outmatch it in some places. I would certainly prefer to buy my games on Xbox over Steam, and I think many would if the launchers or storefronts came to Xbox. People will stick to their library and those that like couch play will go with X. The only reason I even buy steam games is because most of the times most games release their first.

I will say though that your point is sound but when I look at Xbox, I just think they have way more potential than Steam, if only they could unlock it.

Bethesda also had their own store, MS acquired them.

ABK also has their own store, MS acquired them.

Valve would be considerably cheaper than ABK.

There were also rumours of both Sony and MS acquiring GOG. It is nowhere near the same as Apple or Amazon IMO.

Steam is Valve’s brand and it is huuuge. Literally when people think PC gaming they think Steam.

Does the console really have 200M MAU or 62M DAU?

Xbox One sold 58M units and many of those have jumped to Series X/S which have sold around 31M units. Xbox as a platform has way more MAU but that’s because it includes mobile, PC and other consoles.

In terms of games it’s actually the other way around, more games release on Steam than Xbox.

Take a look at Xbox section and see what games don’t come to PC.

Then take a look at the PC section and see what doesn’t come to Xbox.

Bethesda and ABK stores arent like Microsoft Store, EGS, Steam or GOG. GOG would be a good acquisition if MS buy the whole company lol.

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I agree GOG would be a better buy. However I think going for a publisher in Japan and Korea would be the best thing for now. They are lacking personnel for so much like releasing games in the proper way in Asia. There is complaints like the below.

Can you believe that Fallout 4 Xbox version is still not available on the Xbox store in Korea?
It's been more than 3 years since MS acquired Bethesda.
MS should realize by now that Xbox's stagnant growth is due in part to a lack of attention to global markets outside of the US.…

— Xbox News for Koreans 🇰🇷 - 네이버 Xbox 정보 카페 (@KoreaXboxnews) March 27, 2024
Situations like this aren't just facing Korea but also Japan, China and Asia in general. Having publishers there could help with this.
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I think Xbox acquiring an Asian publisher is a given a couple years from now but I think more pressing right now for them is to acquire a large co-development studio like Keywords Studios to have staff for the large amount of projects they are working on.

Not happening. It would only lead to mass layoffs. There are many support studios for hire heck even Certain Affinity just had its first layoffs in 17years saying they are struggling to find new work. I think even Nintendo might be hit with Layoffs. Prices could fall in favor of an acquisition for Microsoft.

It wouldn’t lead to mass layoffs. We going off vibes now.

No vibes here. Just looking at where things are. Xbox just laid off 1900. That much would be a number of studios. If they wanted Co developers, they could have kept them. Also all their studios are not complaining. You have Clockwork Revolution that announces they were working with a co-development studio and even the 4 ported games had contract studios. There is no reason why they would consider support or co development studios and Microsoft usually just uses contract workers. Co-development seems more like the studios picking their help.

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Some people like to put one situation as to be all and all when it comes to things about acquisitions if they want to get co-developers. They will if they want to. We shouldn’t assume that they won’t

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That would be a good purchase and buying CD Projekt to get GOG would also be a benefit, because you’ll get CD Projekt Red developers who can help with the other RPG companies to push each other to do better.

Not all of those 1900 were developers. Hundreds were support staff such as community managers and support line people that MS wants to replace with AI

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Still crossing my fingers for Crystal Dynamics and Eidos one day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a feeling after the June showcase you might not care anymore.

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they laid of 1900 from a studio that had nearly doubled in size from 9k to 17k over the course of a few pandemic years. there are reasons things happen, and ABK was going to layoff tons no matter what


With the success of the Fallout series and the impact of sales on games Microsoft should invest in its own Production Studio and I think Warner is the ideal acquisition target with the Minecraft 2025 movie, the IPs they own could be a huge plus, they could put Gamepass ads before a Batman film in the cinema with for example all the Batman games in the Gamepass they could make an HBO + Gamepass Ultimate subscription we could extend the Blizzard, Bethesda, XBOX IPs to the cinema and make promotions on games in other Stores. it would offer limitless multimedia possibilities.


I think almost everyone on xbox would agree and want this. But financially, I don’t see MS thinking this is a great investment. TV/Film is not a very profitable industry, all major media companies are hurting for a reason. I think they go the partnership route and licence IP like they have started to do.

I would love WB/DC and think it would be amazing as a fan, but in this economy a $20B-$40B acquisition of WBD VS $20B-$40B acquisition/investment into AI or ARM/Chip fab is not even debatable.

I’m not convinced that Microsoft is interested in the film and television industry, but I love that industry as much as the video game industry, so I would obviously be excited about a merger between Warner and Microsoft. The film and TV industry is not in good shape, especially the streaming platforms, but giants like Apple and Amazon continue to invest in it every year, so perhaps there are profits that we do not don’t see. The synergy between Warner and Microsoft would be wonderful, we have discussed in the past the many opportunities this would create for both Warner and Xbox, so yes it would be an excellent acquisition.

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I think if you look at a movie like Barbie it made 1.446 billion USD at the box office obviously not all movies/series are that profitable but I can see Warner x XBOX having IPs strong enough to do things imagine a movie Candy Crash Saga after Minecraft is totally absurd like Barbie but I can see these movies hitting the billion mark. Joker will also win the billion. Powerful pop culture IPs are getting there.